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The Importance of the St. Patrick's Day Parade 2008

Harvey is here!

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The St. Patrick's Parade, on Monday, March 17th, 2008, was an important moment in Irish history. This is our national holiday, the day where everyone of all races and creeds, have the opportunity to express their happiness, showing that this in this peaceful society in the future. Some don't look at it this way, but the crowd, the police and the performers, felt a strong feeling of freedom and peace. A day of united celebration which is a mini version of World Peace.

Myself, Shiera O'Brien and 'Harvey' were located at the beginning of the parade. The organisers allowed us to have seats at the Grandstand, giving space for Harvey and his wheelchair, being treated like ringside VIP's. It was an honour to be at such a privileged position. At the same time, unconsciously hundreds of people saw Harvey's orange wheelchair, which will appear in their minds again in the future.

Shiera with some American spectators - Indian music

Shiera was present, taking some video and still pictures at the parade. It is a simple thing to do, however these pictures and this web page are now the platform of the walk of peace from Dublin to Belfast, a continuation of the walk I completed across Australia last year. Shiera and I know very well of the power of the ripple effect, that any positive action or thought, will continue and the ripple spread outwards. I am inspired by this parade and because of it, I now carry this positive energy and happiness with me on my walk to Belfast.

For thousands of years, the human mind was stuck in a 2 dimensional way of thinking. Over time, intelligence grew and eventually the human mind finally accepted and understood of the 3rd dimensional world. It was only the fear of the unknown, kept our minds trapped in the past. Now there is enormous changes in the human mind again, getting closer to another new dimension, faith and science, imagination and technology combined. Intelligence grows each second, like growing upwards, stage by stage. It is part of evolution. Those who hold on to what they know now, will miss out by not thinking of the future. It seems natural to hold on to something that one finally understands, however is it even more important to have an open mind of what is possible at the next stage of learning.

Intelligence never stops, it is easier to accept it and modify ones thinking rather than go blindfolded as that's where ignorance grows. I myself have no concept of what is possible in the next 20 years, but I am enthusiastic and positive of the future. The Roman Empire mentality has failed so many times just like other empires, British, French, Nazism and still being used today by the super powers. I am not afraid of the impending changes ahead, I prefer to embrace it and imput my own impact of peace, creating my small role as a peacemaker on my own journey. I am part of the future too.

Myself and Harvey, with the 3 bodyguards (protecting Harvey!!) - A blast of colour

I know in my heart that the world is not coming to an end, it is coming to the end of an age of ignorance. Even the most misguided people know in their hearts that there is a lot of falsh information being embedded in their brains, through advertising, the media and our own political leaders. It is a joy to see so many young people, following theor hearts, doing what they were born to do, and it will be theose who will inspire and lead the next generation.

The St Patrick's Parade was a visual manefestation of the future. The world joint together in happiness. There are more St Patrick's Parades now than ever, from Boston to London to Melbourne. You wouldn't need to have another parade now, would you? Well I intend to create my own celebration on the way to Belfast and anyone is welcomed to join in.


I wish to thank Katherine O'Riordan, an organiser of the St Patrick's Parade, for allowing us to participate in such a symbolic and successful event.

Go raibh maith agat.

Frank Muldowney

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'Believing in Harvey' after the walk

Body and mined resting.

sunny 28 °C

It has been a very long time since this 'vision' I had of walking across Australia with Harvey. It was 5 years ago in Melbourne where I got the first idea, and then I was too timid to tell anyone. The charity walks I did from 1989 to today, was only half of what I wanted to try. How could I explain this to people, when after all, I am blessed to have a comfortable job and life and I was lucky to be alive after I recovered from a brain haemorrhage at 19 years ago.

Still, following my heart and my imagination, never left me alone. I had to do it and I had to learn so much more, my speech must improve, my comprehension and I have to learn and maybe then I can explain what this walk is all about. Looking back it was an amazing achievement to even start this journey, and it was passionate friends and cousins in Perth set me off on the way. The support of those from Innisfail, Dublin, Serpentine, Perth and Bunbury was a platform that gave me self belief and confidence.

The early radio interviews and conversations with journalists was excellent experience for me, knowing I must improve step by step. Each interview was different and I was happy to talk about any subject to see how I feel. I know that I was not passing any important messages, I was vague and still quiet about my own intentions in the future.

Compare my early interviews in WA and SA to Canberra and NSW, it is a little like listening to a different person. I know I am now speaking for myself, maybe for the first time in my life, and it is a good feeling. It took me time to understand the importance of speaking from my soul and not speaking for others. I feel now, speaking freely so if I say anything wrong, it is my error, no one else. The last interview was in Ballina on Paradise FM, and that was the one I enjoyed the most, speaking about what I dream for today and in the future.

Finally getting some interest in Ireland :-)

I am now finally going home to Ireland, bringing Harvey with me, and Jacky the inspirational women I met and love on the way. Nothing is clear at the moment as I am now on a different path, where I have a lot to learn again. I aim to do what I can in Ireland and some day, return to Australia again to promote the Pilgrimage for Peace that I had walked.

The list of people who helped my on the way is as long as the walk itself, and for the moment, I can only thank you deeply for the advice and help you gave me. I truly hope the have the opportunity to write, call and meet all of these people in the future.

Frank Muldowney

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World Peace : It'll be sorted by 2015


semi-overcast 13 °C


Or that's what one extraordinary Irishman believes. And he's walking thousands of miles across Australia to prove it. Words Jason O'Toole

An Irishman has just sent the last 18 months walking across the entire continent of Australia, while pushing his imaginary friend Harvey in a wheelchair, with the goal of securing world peace. If this doesn't sound ludicrous enough, he is also predicting that the world will live in harmany by the year 2015.

Making friends, The Irish Ambassador in Canberra, and with the Ulysses Bikers on the road in NSW.

Frank Muldowney's 6000 kilometre walk for peace started on April 2nd, 2006 in Perth and ended at 1pm local time on September 29th, 2007, at the lighthouse in Byron Bay. Despite receiving little or no media attention in his home country, the 41-year-old's extraordinary journey across one of the biggest countries in the world has transformed him into a household name in the Oceania and Asia regions.

"Negative thinking creates fear and, indeed, wars," Frank told HOTPRESS last week, as he edged close to the finishing line. "The aim of the walk is to change the mind-set of people who think that peace will never happen." The former Credit Union worker, from East Wall in Dublin, insisted to HOTPRESS that we can achieve world peace in 8 years.

"I believe by announcing an official date for peace, this 'thought' can spread everywhere through the media into people's minds and hearts," he said. "I believe people can now be more focused on thoughts of peace, rather than fear and war."
Is he not being a tad optomistic? Not so, he insisted. All we need is a bit of positive thinking.

Frank Muldowney's pilgrimage across the Australian continent was inspired by his own near-death experience. In 1985, at the age on 19, he suffered a brain haemorrhage. After surviving the 8 hour brain surgery operation, Frank was unable to "speak or comprehend correctly". He spent a year as he put it, "living in his own world in the future".

Albert Einstein - Frank's cartoon logo for Harvey

He recalled: "But I believed it was temporary. While learning how to read again, I came across a quotation from Albert Einstein that confirmed my own belief that the power of the human mind can cure oneself, a theory to solve any problem - 'Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the entire world'."

Frank applied this thinking to his own health. "I decided to ignore medical diagnosis," he said. "I took charge of my own health, through physical training, travelling, learning, walking and thinking of the future rather than the past. I decided my health was important - and that to get better I had to believe I would be better. It started to work, and it got me thinking - why couldn't we create world peace the same way?"

Frank with the Mayor of Byron Bay Jan Barham, at the finish.

Over a 10 year period, Frank completed 16 long-distance charity walks for MS - in Ireland, France, Spain and Peru. Describing these walks as pilgrimages that helped him "to improve himself and learn from the wisdom of others", Frank said he felt "peacefulness spreading within himself".

Frank is now planning to start a group called 'A Global Pilgrimage for Peace', with the aim of recording a documentary to highlight how world peace can be achieved by walking. "I aim to get supported by known entrepreneurs like Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Bono, who care about the future for the next generations," he revealed. "The idea to me is simple, to promote Harvey as a figure who stand for peace everywhere through the walk, the arts and the media."

The concept of Harvey was inspired by the "friend" of James Stewart's alcoholic character in the eponymous classic film.

"The dream for peace is in everyone's heart; you cannot see it, but you can feel it. This dream cannot die - this is Harvey, the imaginary peacemaker who lives in your own heart. Harvey's wheelchair is a symbol for a world disabled by fear rascism and injustice. We are all disabled until we have peace."

Harvey and Frank, making friends in Sydney

He is also planning to undertake a much shorter walk from Dublin to Belfast to celebrate the peace process here. "At the moment, my body needs a long rest," he said, "but my mind is raring to go for more. Living a dream has been the greastest feeling of happiness in my life, and happiness is the way to peace. I have never been happier."

Article by Jason O'Toole of HOTPRESS

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MEDIA RELEASE - Believing in Harvey 2006/07

The aims, and plan of the final day.

27 °C

The 6,000km walk for peace will end at 1pm, 29th September, at the lighthouse in Byron Bay

nammy_pic.jpgOn the road.JPG
Creating the Pilgrimage for Peace across Australia 2007.

A 41 year old Irishman Mr Frank Muldowney, said goodbye to his homeland and his comfortable career to embark on a 6,000km walk across Australia, to create a Pilgrimage for Peace. He believes we will have world peace in 8 years, speaking on behalf for ‘Harvey’ the imaginary peace maker living in a wheelchair. Mr Muldowney believes a Global Pilgrimage for Peace is literally a path to peace where anyone can participate to express their desire for peace in their own individual way.

Mr. Muldowney’s story is remarkable. In 1985 at the age of 19, he suffered a brain haemorrhage (AVM), reported having intensive brain damage after 8 hours of brain surgery. For close to a year, he lived in his own world in the future as he was unable to speak or comprehend correctly in society, but he believed it was temporary, just like medical knowledge and intelligence, everything changes in time. While learning how to read again, Mr. Muldowney read a quotation from Albert Einstein that confirmed his own belief of the power of the human mind can cure oneself, a theory to solve any problem – “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the entire world”

The Camino de Santiago, the aincent pilgrimage across Spain

Mr. Muldowney then applied the philosophical strength of that quotation to his own health. Despite having no prior medical knowledge, he decided to ignore medical diagnosis and took charge of his own health, through physical training, travelling, learning, walking and thinking of the future rather in the past.

From 1989 to 1999, Mr. Muldowney completed 16 long distant walks for charity in Ireland, France, Spain and Peru, to improve himself and learn from the wisdom of others. These walks were pilgrimages and Mr. Muldowney felt peacefulness spreading within himself and others from these walks. Peace in his own heart started to cure his own disabilities. He then knew it was the most powerful source of healing, both his health and creating peace between people. It came to be his belief that world peace will come from these historical paths in the future, and he must expand on it. The practice of being an advocate for world peace accelerated vast improvements in Mr. Muldowney’s speech, comprehension and thinking skills over the last 2 years. In 2006 he used the same Einstein-inspired approach when he embarked on his 6,000km walk for peace across Australia carrying ‘Harvey’ the imaginary peace maker, the catalyst, who can unify peoples desire for peace.

The Inca trail to Machu Picchu, Peru.

“The important things of life are invisible, love, respect and peace. When I talk about peace, in the future, it changes the way people think. The dream for peace is in everyone’s heart, you cannot see it, but you can feel it, this dream cannot die, this is Harvey ,the imaginary peace maker who lives in your own heart. This desire for peace is something we have in common, of all races and creeds, a desire to be free or fear, together, not alone. Harvey's wheelchair is a symbol for everyone, for a world disabled by fear, racism and injustice. We are all disabled until we have peace.”

Mr. Muldowney has walked other pilgrimages, the Camino de Santiago in Spain and the trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. He felt that peace grows in peoples hearts on these paths. He aims to ask the councils, citizens and governments to acknowledge this walk across Australia, as an official pilgrimage and promote it as part of this country’s culture and history. Then expand this walk to be a single global pilgrimage for peace, united between other countries. This walk for peace can transform areas of violence into areas of peace, as over time, peace will grow as there will be no room for violence anymore.

Mr Muldowney believes if each individual can create individual ideas or symbols for peace, and show them to others on this Global Pilgrimage for Peace, this will inspire and empower the people of each town on this path. Now one can start participating and creating peace as artists, walkers, speakers, musicians, comedians and travellers. Peace is now the first thought and objective, where as thoughts of fear and war are becoming a part of history.

Early days, after Frank's 950mile walk around Ireland, 1993.

“Using one’s imagination and being prepared to work hard to create it, is the way to happiness, and happiness is the way to peace” Frank Muldowney

For full details - www.believinginharvey.com
Mr Frank Muldowney’s email - fmuldowney@yahoo.com
Mobile - 0407 435196 (Australian)

Frank with the Irish Prime Minister in 1997 - Frank with the Irish Ambassador in Canberra 2007

*Mr Muldowney has already walked over 10,000km across Australia, France, Spain, Peru and Ireland creating the roots of this Global Pilgrimage for Peace. He is awaiting for support from business men and women, the United Nations, and ministers of tourism in all nations, to promote and create this path for peace.

Please pass this web page to anyone who you think could be interested in promoting this pilgrimage.


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Tribute to Lorna Mitchell, MS Society.

Day 516 - 5470km

semi-overcast 24 °C

This is a private message of where 'Believing in Harvey' came from, and who let it free.

Lorna 2nd from the right, organised the walk in Peru 2004.

In 1988 I was desperate to make a difference by walking across Ireland, just 3 years after my illness. No one would take a risk on me, as I have never walked anywhere and my health was in doubt. It never was really looked at seriously.

Six months later a neighbour told my mother, of the Irish Multiple Sclerosis Society walking event. A walk raising funds for MS, by 40 people who would walk about 300km from Nantes to Paris. Lorna Mitchell was the organiser, and as my speech was a problem in expressing myself, my mother made an appointment to see if the organiser would allow me to go.

Lorna on the right giving me support of my own walk in 1993.

That day changed my life, as Lorna never seemed to doubt me, and I was allowed to go with an group of inspirational people to make a small difference for those who suffers from MS.

On that journey I met Jim Blewitt (RIP) who became my best friend, and dozens of new friends who re-educated me, and my own dream was born. I completed 13 international walks with this group and from these walks I knew the potential of creating a Global Pilgrimage for Peace.

From 1989 to today, Lorna Mitchell organised walks for MS in Europe, Africa, Asia, America North & South and because of it, new centres for MS sufferers have being built. She has not only helped the lives of those who suffers from MS, but she has created friendships between hundreds of people, creating a wave of optimism and possibilities. She took on the responsibilities of hundreds of people for near 2 decades on over 25 international walks across the world, and took a back seat on every journey.

The MS walkers were awarded by the Taoiseach Bertie Aherne in 1997.

For myself, she opened a door for me, to express my own visions of peace, and 'Believing in Harvey' was born. I can only imagine the number or people whose lives were changed for the better, because or Lorna's determination and vision.

Lorna you may never know how many people you have touched, and this ripple effect will continue.

Namaste Lorna, have a wonderful retirement.

Frank Muldowney

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CONCEPT - "Peace is Here"

"Believing in Harvey" - 6,000km from Perth to Byron Bay, and beyond.

sunny 27 °C

Ok, it may look like a joke, but last year, a 42 year old Irishman, walked 4,000 miles across Australia, claiming that World Peace is here. It becomes even more ludicrous when you discover that he pushed an empty wheelchair all the way, carrying ‘Harvey’ and invisible character, who the Dubliner says, is the most important person you will meet. You will see quickly that this is not your average long distant walker.

It is hard to believe but this story comes from the experiences of a lateral thinking, disabled, brain damaged, Mr Frank Muldowney. He was a talented artist during his school years but at 19 years old in 1985 he suffered from a brain haemorrhage, leaving him with speech, visual and comprehension problems. His art career seemed to be over but in time Mr Muldowney describes his disabilities as ‘a blessing in disguise’, as to him noting is really bad or good, it depends on how you look at it. "I am still the same artist in my mind" said Frank.

Mr Muldowney spent time in therapy, to improve his speech and comprehension. He got involved with charity walks for the MS Society, raising funds for MS suffers, but also built up Frank’s health and confidence. He was in Roslyn Park College being trained with other disabled people, to fit into society and find employment. Frank's instincts lead him to a different path and after getting a job in the local Credit Union, in his spare time he returned to focus on his own imaginative artistic skills. He created a character who he aimed to use as the centre of attention to express his own thoughts and imaginations, through a long walk, a film and the media. This was his dream, with the intention to question the mind-set, that peace will never happen.

Harvey was reborn - Happy Frank

The Dubliner adopted ‘Harvey’ the invisible character from the eponymous classic film of the same name. “I was depressed soon after the operation in 85’", said Frank, "and by chance an empty wheelchair was parked beside my bed. I felt my own dreams were now in that wheelchair. ‘Harvey’ is like a child's invisible friends, important in your life, but can't be seen and hard to achieved. I felt, I must see through the disabilities what this wheelchair represents and find away to express myself, by making Harvey known, like any dream."

NBN 6 O'Clock News, New South Wales

He continues, “In my life, I learned that the universal dream is, the desire for peace. I spent time thinking, what exactly is ‘war' and 'peace'. Through years of travelling, I now believe that War and Peace are more a personal feeling and perception of the world, not something real that can be bought. War, to me, is one living in fear, and peace is one living happily. How can anyone create a peaceful world who is unhappy, one has no concept of what peace would be like. I knew I must first "feel peace" in myself, in my thoughts, attitudes and belief. It did not take long to actually feel peace in my heart, through my own imaginations an feelings. It was incredible. Anyone can experience this feeling, by thinking of one of the best times of your own life, then focus on that memory. The more one does it, the more one experiences a real feeling of inner peace. That is what peace is to me, a personal feeling deep in your soul, that cannot be seen and cannot be taken from you. So I do not see any conflict, political or military creating solutions to peace, when in fact it is only the individual who can create peace in him or herself. "

"I had a lot of deep hatred in myself, about many things, disability, injustice, mass murder, the list was getting longer. The wisdom of my grandmother eventually cured me over time. She never seemed to hate anyone, as she would put it 'When you won't forgive, you then have hate. With hate, you will never feel peace, until you are brave enough to forgive. When you can forgive, you are then finally free.'
"If I decide to be unhappy because of my disabilities, or to live in fear by alleged war or terrorism, then that is my misfortune. If I however decide to live as happily as I can and forgive those I used to hate, then I am at peace and spread my happiness to others. I am now, no longer in that wave of fear or hate and I am creating my own wave of peace, going in the other direction."

The inspirational figures of Frank's life "Their dreams live on through our imaginations, through Harvey"

Frank confirms his own beliefs from a quotation from Albert Einstein - “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the entire world”

Consider that one day, Mr Frank Muldowney was unemployed living on a disability benefit. He got a job, saved as much he could, flew to one of the biggest countries in the world, picked up a wheelchair, assembled a team and walked across Australia. He ended up appearing on national television, radio and newspapers, met the Irish Ambassador and the Dalai Lama at a press conference in Canberra. Frank said – “I followed my heart, to see is it true that dreams can become real. Not only that happened, but now I have the words to express myself which I did not have before. I know how really lucky I am, however it takes courage to live a dream and the benefits after is, inner peace and contentment.”

On the road pushing Harvey with the back up team blocking traffic! - Frank introducing Harvey to the Irish Ambassador in Canberra.

Frank is now resting in Dublin, with ‘Harvey’ of course. His next journey is from Dublin to Belfast, hopefully in July this summer, a walk of celebration for the peace that was achieved in Ireland last year. He is planning to make a documentary of the short walk which Frank believes is a pilgrimage of peace, joining the 2 capitals together in peace. Belfast will not be his last walk, as he intends to continue the walk to Glasgow, Edinburgh, Cardiff and ending in London.

You may see Frank and Harvey at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in Dublin, at the Grandstand at St Parnell Square.

An Taoiseach giving Frank an award in 1998 - Completing his walk around Ireland in 1993 with the Dublin Lord Mayor

by Eva de Lange

Email - fmuldowney@yahoo.com
Web Site - www.believinginharvey.com

"The only people who have felt world peace, is those who had nothing to fear" - Frank Muldowney

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The Beginning

The early days 1965 - 1985

23 °C


I was born in Dublin in 1965, a fairly rough working class area in the city centre. My parents bought a house with a garden, thus I was going to be kept off the streets to have a more sheltered childhood and let my imaginations run away with myself in that garden. 1965 was the start of Star Trek, a programme based on what we may see in the future. Sure enough half of the things I saw in the programme became real later in the 80's like, sliding doors, mobiles etc. I guess that stayed in my mind when I was a baby. My unconscious mind remembered the importance of what people think. It came to be the most important part of my life and my own beliefs.

Starting in school it didn't take long that the teachers noticed how good I was at drawing. I look at my own drawings today and I see that I always saw things in a 3 dimensional way, which came out to be very important in my life. If you look in a 2 dimensional way, to me that means I am limited in what I can see or think. On a ship one I looked down at the water, as we only see the surface. But I know that there are millions of life and action going on down there under the surface, and that's what I wanted to draw.

Year by year, I started to become a good student, excellent at maths art and English, but struggling with Irish as my Christian brother teacher refuses to speak English. It made the language more complicated to follow, and with the same teacher, I failed in Latin also as he spoke through Irish as well! I loved school but I didn't know how much unfairness and brain washing was going on in this Christian Brother School in the 70's and 80's. Looking back it seemed being educated was secondary, as long you speak Irish and dislike English people and Protestants. Being that young, I believed this, and it took me 19 years to get away from being an ignorant, racist teenager, and sadly that is what my school produced.

Art was my best subject and my art teacher a Sister, saw my talents early. We had something in common as we both suffer from migraine headaches. Mine started at about 8 years old, and she had similar experiences. I used to get 2 or 3 migraines a year, but more coming close to exam time. She always asked my about it, but I never thought anything about it, its just a headache.

In 1981 I heard about the man Terry Fox, who tried to run across Canada raising funds for a cure for Cancer. He lost his right leg through this disease, and sadly over half way, the cancer came back and he died soon after. The impact he made was astonishing, asking one dollar from each Canadian and after his death over 26 million was raised, more than 1 dollar per head. I was inspired but it was way over my head. I didn't even know where Canada was.

My world was my garden, and my imagination was free. At 17 I was picked for a possible scholarship in Art, in Trinity College, being one of just 40 people who got an A in Art and History. The 4 scholarships were up for grabs, but I did not get it, and despite my disappointment It came to be a blessing in another year.

I was a clerk in a shipping company, B&I and I got the job as my father was well respected their and with my good grades in school, I got the job comfortably. I loved it but I was very green. My father and uncle had a boxing club around the corner from the B&I offices on the quay, so the Transport Boxing Club was my play ground each afternoon. At 18 I was fitter than ever, and i started thinking of getting fit enough to do something special but I didn't no what it.

It was no 1985, I had just turned 19, and everything looks pretty good for me. Little did I know what happened next.

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Irish Ambassador meets 'Harvey'

Date 454 - 4,706 km completed

sunny 9 °C

Harvey with The Irish Ambassador, Mairtin O Fainin.

I restart the walk tomorrow, the main road from Canberra to Sydney.
But before leaving the capital, it was an honour to be set on my way by the Irish Ambassador Mairtin O Fainin.

Inge, Nathan, myself and of course Harvey, were welcomed in the Ambassadors office to discuss this walk, it's meaning and it's future. We were talking about peace in Ireland today and ways of trying to inspire other people and nations, that peace is a desire in so many peoples hearts.

A chat over tea.

I felt privileged to be welcomed into the Irish Embassy, with a touch of pride in my heart that Ireland has achieved so much during my life, and it was a private moment of happiness when the Ambassador gave me the text of the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's speech, 'Joint houses of Parliment, A Shared History, A New Partnership'. I was on the road walking to Melbourne at the time, and it is a pleasure to read this historical sreech now. I believe Ireland's future will inspire so many other nations, that world peace is more than just possible, to me it's inevitable.


Inge and Nathan are both Australians who also have the same desire for peace in the world, who have already built friendships in both Australia and other countries in their lives. We enjoyed our cups of tea feeling positive about the future, but still aware of the challenges ahead.

I wish to thank the Ambassador and staff of the Irish Embassy for their time and support of this journey, and each step that I now make, I feel acknowledged and energized to make a real difference ahead.

Thank you.

Pictures taken by Inge and Nathan - more to be shown on this blog later on.

Frank Muldowney

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A Personal Pilgrimage - Melbourne to Canberra

Perth to Byron Bay - 4,070 km completed

This stage of the journey is different. A 658km walk from Melbourne to Canberra is a personal pilgrimage that I dedicate these steps to the memory of my father Tom.

1993 outside the Mansion House in Dublin, the last time I saw my Father who set me on my way on a walk of awareness for MND and MS.

My Dad, lived with Motor Neuron Disease for the last 7 years of his life, in pain and discomfort but with great diginity and honor. I am truly privilidged to be able to walk these steps for my Dad to carry his own dreams and prayers, that will now be passed on to others.

Left, 'Harvey' the imaginative person for everyones dream for peace. Right, Prime Minister Bertie Aherne awarding me for the 7 international walks for the MS Society in 1997, the award is really to my family.

My Dad died a month after that picture above was taken and it was then the support and love of my mother and my brother, Phyl and Michael is the reason why I continued walking. I would not be here in Australia if it was not for them. I thank you both for it, from my soul.

I now make every step for Tom Phyl and Michael, and I am doing this short walk to Canberra on behalf of my Dad for the years that he could not.

Thank you Dad for your love.

Tom Muldowney (1924 - 1993)


Frank Muldowney

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Who is Harvey ?

-17 °C



"Harvey" is my imaginary character in the orange wheelchair. He is a person or spirit who is 'the' dream for peace. I created Harvey because I thought there must be a person who can identify to everyone, of any race, religion or creed. He has no date of birth, therefore no date of death. Harvey is male, femail, healthy, disabled, white, black, brown and asian. He is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist and any other religion you know of. Harvey is the figure you can create for yourself, who you can feel comfortable with as he stands for peace, kindness and respect like most of us do. I believe everyone have the same dream for peace and equality. Perhaps we all need an imaginary leader to speak for all of us, rather than a living one. I now have my own imaginary leader for peace and now I am creating the peaceful imaginary world to match it, the one everyone dreams for"

"Harvey is the most important person in the world. Harvey is you and your own dream." Frank Muldowney

Bob and Bono, the Irish visionaries who see and believe the end of poverty.

My father, Tom, lived for the last 7 years of his life in a wheelchair suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. His life was hard, where mostly stress caused this horrific disease. But my Dad became a better person and a stronger one with that disease and lived with it complete dignity and grace. The wheelchair now is never empty to me, as my Dads spirit and dream if there under the name Harvey, who has his arms wide open to other pure thoughts and dreams which will never die.

The wheelchair is Harvey's, a symbol to remind us that the world is disabled by fear, racism and injustice. Harvey is just my name for my dream for peace, to keep myself inspired to follow my own dream. To me the entire world is in a wheelchair, no one is perfect. I have my own challenge and I must do something about it, to believe in myself to make a difference in my own way to create peace from one person to another. We all have a problem, a history, and we can overcome all these problems, and live a happier and content life, by believing in yourself and your own dreams.

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King

Mohandas Gandhi, Terry Fox, Martin L. King, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, courage, determination, love, wisdom, and all had a dream.

People in the past, like Mohandas Gandhi, Martin L. King, Mother Theresa, have inspired me and others to be a better person. These people have led to changes in our world which have dramatically inspired millions across the world. Their good work is recorded as part of history and no one could fill into the shoes of such a person. These people were human, and thus their lives have ended, but their dreams will never die as long they are remembered, and in the future a new person will carry on these dreams. Harvey's wheelchair carries these dreams, and I hope more living people will carry on more of these dreams again, that the world wide dream for peace will never die.

"Harvey is imaginary, so he can never die. In this way, he is an immortal symbol to live your dream for peace. By doing so, any thought of purity will grow, and will never deminish. In my heart I know this can the beginning of the end of wars and poverty through the power of our own thoughts our own imaginations our own dreams." - Frank Muldowney

Harvey.jpgdove before ceduna.jpg

"If I can live better and smile and say hello to every person I can meet, I can improve myself and those around me by simple acts of kindness. If we can persuade others to do the same, does that mean we can change our streets, our towns, our cities, our nations by spreading a ripple effect of kindness? I wont know unless I try"

Di, Bob, Man, Flg.jpg

To me there is an imbalance between good and bad being portayed in the media. I believe the vast majority of the world population are good hearted people who have a deep desire for peace and happiness. I hope this walk can create awareness about this imbalancein, to question that their is more good news than bad, and its immoral to report the reverse as it will affect the minds of our children. If you are a parent and an editor/producer, remember it's your own children will believe what you report, so are your potraying a true relection of life? Is what you portray more real than what Harvey stands for? Is their really more bad events than good? I think this walk can be a little spark by discussing this issue and perhaps change the level of negativity into positivity, if given a chance to be listened to. To me a fair balance of truth in the media is all is needed.

Frank Muldowney - December 2002

"Curiousity is one of the great secrets of happiness" Bryant H. McGill

Special thanks to -

Ann Kenny RIP
Elizabeth Muldowney
Tom Muldowney RIP
Michael Muldowney
Jim Blewitt RIP
Lorna Mitchell
Thessa Moolenaar
Eva Schatzle
Clare and Eugene Peelo
Shiera O Brien
James Sweetman
Michael McHugh
Amanda McHugh
Nick and Deb
Jacky Agosti
Dean and Linda
Nathan Sturdy

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Walk for World Peace by 2015

6,000km walk for peace, Perth to Byron Bay...and beyond


An Irishman who suffered a brain haemorrhage, has taken on a walk for world peace across Australia and beyond. He is pushing an orange wheelchair carrying 'Harvey' the imaginary figure for peace and he believes we will have world peace by 2015.

Why and how?

On the road.JPG
Walking through the Nullarbor

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King

I have been Frank Muldowney for 41 years...yes I am Irish. From a very young age I believed that each person is here for a reason and my own is to create a inspired way to peace, through one's thoughts and actions. I found my own path and solution 5 years ago in Melbourne, after 16 years of travelling, soul seeking and learning.

"Peace begins with a smile" Mother Theresa

I now have walked over 8 million steps for something I believe in, that peace is here, in our hearts. I can feel it, it's the dream that is in everyone's soul, and that is the only proof that I need to say that peace is inevitable. With that in mind, Harvey - The immortal Peacemaker has announced, we will have World Peace by 2015, and by saying it, and acting on it, the dream will become a reality. The question to me is, are we all prepared for world peace? I believe it is time to start thinking this way, as the visions of peace can only become a reality, when the human mind allows it to be so. It is up to us.

"Imagine is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the entire world" Albert Einstein

I created Harvey, an imaginary leader for peace and kindness, who you can only see by the presence of his orange wheelchair. Harvey is the peacemaker who can be a member of any race, religion or creed. Harvey is whatever you want him to be, as he is your own dream for peace. The wheelchair symbolises a world disabled by fear, racism and injustice, and this now comes to an end as everyone can participate to end fear and war by simple acts of kindness.

Harvey and me on the road

I suffered from a life threatening brain haemorrhage when I was 19, in 1985. It was a blessing in disguise as I seized a second chance of life to awaken a more enlightened set of life priorities. It took me 16 years of learning from charity walking (France, Spain, Peru, Ireland), working and listening to the wisdom of my family when I knew what was ahead of me. In 2002 I took my own health and life in my own hands, and set on a new journey to inspire as many people I can meet with my own philosophy of peace, that it is here. I have proof that ones imagination is more powerful than what we know now, as I have improved my health already by believing in my own thoughts that I will get better, and I have.

I now wish to walk millions of steps, and each one is a small gesture of persuasion. My journey has no ending, as I know each step of peace I make is part of a pilgrimage of peace, which will stamp out each inch of hate and war where there is no room for it anymore. The Walk for Peace started in April 2nd in Australia 2006 - and I believe that by 2015, it will be a Walk of Celebration.

The inspirational figures of my past - Dalai Lama, Mohandas Gandhi, Terry Fox, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa.

I am privileged to be in this position to have a small role in ending the evils of this beautiful earth. It is an honour to push this wheelchair carrying an everlasting figure for peace, who will never die, as human imaginations will keep him alive for ever.


I aim to get supported by known entrepreneur's, who care about the future for the next generation. The idea to me is simple, to promote Harvey as a figure who stands for peace everywhere through the walk, the arts and the media. Then give the public an official date for 'Peace across the World' and aim at the year 2015. Now, we all have a goal to go for.

The media is the most powerful weapon in the world, influentual enough to change the feelings and thoughts of the people across the globe. If we can create a belief and a goal for peace now, perhaps, we the public can change what is being portrayed in the media, replacing the barrage of negativity into positivity. If we can do that, it is truly possible to change the trapped mind set to a new, creative direction, a desire for global peace - a wave that is impossible to stop.

Walks ahead
- Perth to Byron Bay 6,000KM 2006 to 2007 set to end in September.
- Dublin to Belfast - Celebrate Peace in Ireland 2007
- Belfast to Edinburgh to Cardiff to London - Celebrate United walk for Peace - Ireland and Britain
- Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet, USA. Awaiting response from the UN.


The Start.JPEGP6111944.jpg
The start at the Bell Tower in Perth 2006, and 14 months later crossing the lake to Capital Hill, Canberra.

I live with a smile. I believe respect, humour, love, and peace within, are the roots of a perfect world, this is Harvey, cannot be seen, but one can feel it. This is why I feel free to walk anywhere, as I do not believe in fear and war. I feel privileged now, to meet and make friends with the architects and participants of war, as I know they will never create happiness in themselves and their own children. I wish to show a much more happier way.

This 'Walk for Peace' is a challenge of my own belief that peace is here, and I am prepared to discuss it with anyone, who thinks we will not have peace. I believe it's what everyone wants.

berti1.jpgAdelaide parade.JPEG
Prime Minister Bertie Ahern and I, reaching 3,300km in Adelaide.

I am distributing booklets of the Youth Human Rights International Organisation, to create awareness to the world leaders of the future. I hope the United Nations will promote what I am doing, and perhaps the governments of all nations should be doing the same through education. Some have abused their power by passing laws above the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. Some nations still do not have a bill of rights. I know this is wrong and Human Rights will be here to stay for people of all nations in the near future.

"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Luther King

There is room for everyone to walk with the orange wheelchair, to share the meaning of Harvey and I am fully aware of how blessed I am to have the privilege of pushing Harvey to a more peaceful world.

"You must 'be' that change that you want to see in the World" - Mohandas Gandhi

Frank Muldowney
Email - fmuldowney@yahoo.com
Mobile - 0407435196
website - www.believinginharvey.com

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Believing in Harvey - The Trailer

The 6,000km Walk for Peace across Australia.

Here is a 5 minute trailer of the documentary "Believing in Harvey".

For more information about the walk and its meaning, check out the blog "Believing in Harvey" The walk for Peace.


Party in Adelaide.jpg

Frank Muldowney

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