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Believing in Harvey - The Trailer

The 6,000km Walk for Peace across Australia.

Here is a 5 minute trailer of the documentary "Believing in Harvey".

For more information about the walk and its meaning, check out the blog "Believing in Harvey" The walk for Peace.


Party in Adelaide.jpg

Frank Muldowney

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"Harvey turning some heads in Adelaide"

written by Francis Muldowney


Because of the help of so many people, I have now walked 3,300km to Adelaide, over half way. Still another 2,700km to reach Byron Bay. Having a police escort to the Lord Mayor's Office was a humbling experience, walking through the main street of the city, where everyone's eyes turn to Harvey. The crowds seemed confused of course, but the noise of the city seemed to dim, as this very slow parade passed so many people. Harvey has strolled into town !

Adelaide parade.JPEG

A special thanks to Dr. Creston I. Magasdi (Deputy Lord Mayor of Adelaide), Seargent Harry McCallum, Jane (Mayor's office), Jacky, Di, Chris, Daniel, Courtney and Suzie (all from the YHA) who all had equal importance in this special day. Myself, Amanda and Michael, are also touched by the support of the people at YHA Central, whose help has contributed to our success on the journey. It's very hard to feel down, when people like this are so helpful and generous.

Lord Mayor..bration.jpg

Many find this walk for peace confusing - an invisible character - the importance of dreams - and who is Harvey?
Well, I'm the one with the brain damage, so it's never going to be a black and white story :) Bare with me, the final steps of the journey will explain itself.

The core of this journey is the importance of the individual, and his/her's imagination. Living one's dream is the way to happiness, and happiness is the way to peace.

Our thoughts create the world. Thus our thoughts can create peace.
Imagine we are now living in a peaceful world, with no war, no poverty and no fear. Picture yourself clearly. Would you live differently in this peaceful world? If so, why not try living that way now?

To me this points out the importance of how the individual lives and whether one truly believe in peace. The vast majority of children we meet, believe in peace. Sadly, too many adults we meet don't. So that makes me think, are you inadvertently creating a negative future for your own children?

Kia is 3 years old, daughter of Amanda and Michael, and they are determined to keep Kia's dreams alive, that she will grow up believing in a peaceful future. I believe Amanda and Michael have set the standards of being 'giving' human beings and parents to a new level by removing negativity, replacing it with friendship and love, while still living their own dreams, and staying true to their own hearts. They have inspired hundreds of people on this journey, one by one, and I hope to walk beyond the boundaries of Australia to help their own dreams.

The journey now continues after Christmas, and we hope to be known in the media before we reach Melbourne. I am enjoying my needed rest here in Adelaide, and loving each moment by living my own dream, while watching Amanda and Michael doing the same. Kia is the spark, that reminds us each day, why we are doing it.

Parade guys.jpg
Jacky, Daniel, Courtney, Chris, Francis, Harvey (in the front of course) Di, and Suzie.

From humble beginnings, we have achieved so much on this journey. By doing something good, things expand, growing in a way that bad things never can. We hope this positive ripple effect will reach beyond our own imaginations.

Love, Peace and Harvey :)

Merry Christmas, everywhere.

Francis Muldowney

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Deep in the Nullarbor - Day 230

Thinking ahead - Harvey ready for the 'East'

Now getting close to the end of the most Natural part of the journey, I spend many hours think ahead. Really this part was more a holiday period, with no publicity work to do, and having a lot of fun. I however was thinking way before this, as after the border of SA to Victoria, the media is now the real target, and I am already preparing myself for pressure, stress, and awkward questions who wish to test you out. My aim, my dream, is a combination of lateral thinking - politics - comendy and visualisations of peace, where I must make friends with anyone of any aspect of society. A very demanding role.

Mick and Amanda have enjoyed this journey, seeing some of the most beautiful parts of Australia, and making all of us more connected to the earth itself. Mick's presence the day I had the seizure, came to be the real reason why I knew Mick had a crucial role on the journey, which I did not see first before it started. Now I hope that when we reach the first majoy city, Adelaide, that Mick and Amanda will open their eyes even more, and not be just a back up team, but be 2 individuals now following their own personal dreams in the future.

I aim to change the direction of the Walk for Peace, as my own dream must come from my own soul. Not one person has the exact same dream, that is why I feel team work is only a term for a working project. This is why after Adelaide each individual must identify their own dream, and one must earn it to achieve it as much as one can.

I see new people that I do not know yet, will make new paths through TV, radio and national newspapers. I will aim at people with professional experiences in the media and in the public eye, and slowly my own direction in life will bring out the best in me.

Time will tell.

Francis Muldowney

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Day 72 Believing in Harvey, the dream continues

Since the seizure, last Monday, I genuinely thought I have to give up on the walk as my health is now at risk, as I did not know how much damage I did on my upper back and neck.

Mick and I were alone there for 4 days thinking what is the best solution. I told Mick I know I have to go back to Perth and fly home to Ireland for a medical check up. It was a very painful feeling for Mick as much as me, to drive over 1,000km back to square one.

Financially, I also know that I may not be able to afford this journey with Mick and his family also. I will make a decision also, will I have to consider doing this walk alone, using basic items in the wheelchair, which will make the walk much harder also.

Niamh and Mick, my cousins in Perth took care of me and the McHugh family, and I booked my flight back to Ireland and see what is the best solution.

Believing in Harvey will continue, but right now I do not know exactly how. I just have to believe that what I am doing is right, and I will be supported by my own believe in human generosity, and in the end I can return this to those who deserve so much more.

Frank Muldowney

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Day 54 - Norseman

Taking on the Nullarbor

overcast 19 °C

I have taken on board a lot of advice from so many people here in Western Australia. Some is positive that the vehicle and 4 persons will be ok for 2 months on the Nullarbor but others say, we are not prepared, and the project may fail. It is about 1,600km from Norseman to Port Augusta with only Ceduna a real town. This will be the most physically demanding part of the journey for me.

As I am funding this project and it is my responsibility to make it as safe and professional as possible, I have decided, myself and Mick will go alone together, which will cut down the problems of carring water for 4 people, and of course, there is only one medical place in Eucla about 700km away from the next town. It seems clear to me that this is the best solution.

Amanda will take care of Kia in Nick and Deb's house in Serpintine, and I hope this is the best solution I can think of. A problem occured that Mick and Amanda wish to rejoin in Ceduna as soon as possible, which puts more un-necessary planning in the middle of the Nullarbor. Mick and Amanda are not prepared to be seperate for 2 months, which that I can understand but they dont see the pressure that puts on me, and in away I am no longer in charge of my own project. I now will not be able to take full rests on the Nullarbor, and I will have to walk over 30km daily.

Because Mick and Amanda are a close family has come to a problem. Of course family love comes first to the family and a child involved, but that is why it is not suitable to have a family as a back up team, as any family will come first before a project. Its a difficult position for me, as I would prefer to have a paid driver so I can decide when I walk or not walk, but this has come out to be a problem on the journey, and I know in my heart the journey will change to a more professional look in the future.

It is the first risk, and I hope I can get past this stage with no problems.

Frank Muldowney

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Day 10 - 36


sunny 23 °C

The walk is well into the bush, and deep in the walk.

The number of positive people who we have met is inspiring and has given me a lot more energy than what I started from. These people are from all types of society and I feel comfortable with all of them, accepting their own views and opinions. I am learning from them day by day. If I wish to create peace between people of opposite opinions, then this is my real challenge.

As far the walk, well it is a little different what I am used to. The 13 long distant walks that I did with professional organisers, this is of course very different. Mick and Amanda have a very different way of living that sometimes I thing will bring issues ahead, but for now I accept their ways of living as 'free spirits' and maybe from here on from Albany to even Port Augusta, there will be virtually no publicity. If it works out safely it maybe be a very enjoyable holiday that some could dream for, living on the Nullarbor for 2 months. My role is to be focused on the walk, and my health, and I try to avoid any family issues which may occur.

The safety part of the Nullarbor is still not clear. No one has concrete information about the 1600km journey. It will be my responsibility if anything goes wrong and I am fully aware of it. I miss Jim Blewitt, Bert Slader and Lorna Mitchell, whose years of experiences would be much needed on this walk, but one can only use what one can, and on this stretch it will be more on intuition, common sense and instinct.

We reach Esperance soon, and I will have to make a decision wether to continue the walk with Kia (2) or not, as I am not convinced that this is safe for a child being away from other children and medical help in case of bites or injuries. On paper it looks a safer idea to leave Kia behind with Amanda to tke care of her with the lovely family of Nick and Deb. I never wanted this type of pressure on me but its part of the challenge, and sometimes these small extra weight on my shoulders does not help. The best decision is a grey one.

I feel strong, but I am aware that I am into a new territory, as I never walked as much as this before. I feel fitter than before, and I have knocked off walks of 35km back to back, but I am awaiting a message from my body to say need a sleep. I dont seem to get that message, so I hope my mind will be clear to make the right time to rest. I had a physio as a driver in January to be on the journey from Norseman to Port Augusta, who I wanted to start with in Perth. Looking back it may have been a mistake but I could not bring her as Mick and Amanda have no home, so I cannot leave them behind in Norseman. So much to consider.

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Harvey reaches Bunbury Day 1 - 9

189km completed 5,815km still to go.

overcast 25 °C

Day 9

Mike checking out the first vehicle, with owner Frank Atkins

The Walk for Peace started on April the 2nd 2006. Harvey was set off by the Trenwith family Mike, Niamh, Liam and Ciara, my cousins living in Perth. They were the Head Quarters for over a month helping me in getting the bus ready and finding the missing driver and team members. On short notices I asked Mick Amanda with Kia to join who lost their home due to the cyclone that destroyed Innisfail in Queensland. It was not ideal to bring a family on a project like this but sometimes one does what one can, and hope their future will start from this journey also.
the first team.JPEG

The beginning 2nd April, as Harvey leaves the Bell Tower. I knew the first step was the most important one, and my life will never be the same after this. This part of the journey will be all learning, radio conversation, media, and listening to other peoples opinions.
The Start.JPEG

A few days later we were allowed to speak to school children about living your dream. Mick McHugh and I spoke to the children of mixed ages, about what they dream for in the future. We aimed to take each dream in a genuine way to inspire each individual that your dream as important as anyone elses.
us preforming.JPEG

Early starts on the road, usually 5.30 am to beat the start of the heat. The mornings are very fresh and a stunning sunrises. 16 years of charity walking keeps my focused in dates and schudules, which may cause problems having a family on board, so I know I have to be flexible but firm at the same time.
early starts.JPEG

Mick and Amanda met Dep and Nick, on day 2, a complete surprise as they are the people who I look up to, who live in a humble life, who make no enemies and respect everyone and everything. The pilgrim Nick, who has walked with me for over 40k, to share positive thinking with a lot of humour. Nick has already given me so much wisdom and advice of the problems ahead, and I took everything on board. Thank you Nick for your presence on this walk. Deb your advice will carry me all the way to Byron Bay, as we both share the same view, to love everyone, not just some.
distant shot.JPEG
nicks dream.JPEG

So far we have been very supported by local people, the police and passers by. We have been helped by 4 families and it was a privilige to be welcomed in their homes.

On day 5 myself Mick and Amanda spoke to about over a hundred children at a school in Waroona where the teachers allowed us to ask the young people what their dreams were. It was a very inspiring day, and after a long walk till the evening, an hour chat slot with a local radio station, Harvey Community Radio 96.5fm. Mick performed songs and we both sharing personal past, which was so full of depth and importance. The interview was over an hour. It was a busy day, walking over 20km plus speaking to the school and a one hour interview. Good practice in the future.

Here are the families Trenwiths (Perth), Halls (Serpentine), Stanfords (Waroona), Marshalls (Harvey), and Farrell (Bunbury) who have made the foundations of this journey. I thank you all for your support and a sincere thank you for allowing us to stay in your own home.

The journey continues, and Harvey is getting known day by day.

Frank Muldowney


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Harvey was born!

Harvey was born 22nd January 1985

-17 °C

I was slowly growing up, not mature yet but getting there. My favourite Grandmother died the year before and it was my first experience of loss, she was more a close friend than a granny. I missed her.

My confidence was growing bit by bit, and I was making friends well. I was now going to the Boxing Club every day, brining 3 to 5 other working friends to train with. It looked like a possible new future.

On 22nd January 1985 at about 1pm, in the boxing club, I didnt feel that well. I walked out of the training room to the bathroom to get sick, but in fact I went blind for a few moments, then I collapsed. I was still awake. I could only see a speck of vision, like a keyhole, so I pulled myself to the dressing room with one arm to try to sit up. I couldn't as my balance was gone, and Fergal my work mate, came down to see was I ok. He spoke but I did not understand wht he was saying, and I couldnt reply either, I thought this migraine is a bad one. Still awake, an ambulance driver came in and examined me asking a few questions, I couldnt speak now, and in no time I was in an ambulance on the way to hospital. I was vomiting, dark red blood, but again I was used to migraines so I thought nothing of it. I remember a mask being put on my face and that was all I could remember.

A wonderful bunch of friends, who supported me before I even started

I am in Melbourne, staying in the Greenhouse where the idea of 'Believing in Harvey' came from in 2002. I am so lucky to meet, Andrew, Ksenia, Kelly, Njadia, Richie, Mark, Jill, Rose, Shane and more, who gave me positive vibes for the 2 months here in my home away from home. If Melbourne was situated on the west coast, I would start the walk right now, with the perfect team members here, but of course I'm 3,400km away from the starting point which I planned to begin from Steep Point.


Soon I will go to Perth and talk to new backpackers to consider playing any of the roles needed in this challenge, driver, cook etc. I have met so many people who are made for it, but no one is available for the entire journey, and starting date may be more challenging than I first thought.


When I fly to Perth, and get the essentials, the vehicle and team members, and a new wheelchair. It is such a big undertaking, and when I reach there I do not know anyone, just my second cousin who I have never met. I believe I will be helped as what I wish to do is good with the intentions to make friends right across the journey.

I am sure I will learn more than I can even imagine.

Frank Muldowney

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Imaginations - Believing in yourself

December 2004

-17 °C

I have just returned from an extraordinary journey, the walk to Macchu Piccu, Peru. As soon I returned to Ireland, I knew I cannot forget the vision of spreading peace through a creative cartoon figure, and I immediately started thinking of making it happen again.

I tapped into the importance of individuals imaginations, and Shiera O' Brien and James Sweetman were the two people who put my own thoughts into perspective, and from that I found away to make it into reality.

Shiera gave me an hour 'interview' if you like, where she wanted me to express my own ambitions and imaginations. I told her from a very young age I wanted to make a difference in the world, making the world a more peaceful and happy place. The thoughts are nice, but she tapped into something when I told her my thoughts of introducing the invisible friend 'Harvey' as curiousity is the key to make something lasting, rather a flash in the pan.

Tom and Shiera

Shiera asked me to visualise the map of the country I want to walk across, it was Australia, and then she asked me to walk it, and feel and think of all the challenges on this journey. I did and physically and mentally I was being tested step by step, the journey was feeling quite real. At the end, I then reached the other coast of this imaginative map, and then Shiera asked me to look back and see the journey that you just experienced. In a moment I then knew how big this test really is, but more importantly, I knew I can do it.

That hour made my imaginative journey as real as my own life, and we continued to talk about the fears of my own where it can go wrong. This was not as important as the visualised walk, as my fears are in myself. I was always afraid of people abusing something good, those who will make money out of something pure. I would rather be broke that become wealthy to tarnish this pure thought. Sponsorship and funding will come along I am sure, but there is nothing that I trust right now, so I would prefer to start as a beginner and create my own T shirts and logos in the future.

I have no idea how far this concept will go, but when it starts I think Ill be doing this for the rest of my life, and it is a wonderful feeling.


If you have any personal dream or idea that you genuinely wish to come true, or if you can influence or help in anyway to make another person's dream happen, then please comment to this page or email to me at dreamidea06@yahoo.ie
Please see below for some dreams that have been sent into the Harvey Dream Team, they are from the heart and so inspirational. Please pass this website onto other people so that they may put their dreams into reality.
Thank you so much everyone.

DREAM - To have more children and see my grandchildren. To make an album with songs that touches people's hearts and creates memories for them in those special times in their lives.
NAME / COUNTRY - Michael McHugh / Ireland
PROMISE - To keep writing authentic songs, to keep practicing my singing, to keep being positive and happy and keep working hard on my dreams.
DREAM - To finish my nursing degree and return to Africa and give as much as I can.
NAME / COUNTRY - Sinead Nolan / Ireland
DREAM - To find my father Robert James Millar (Bobby Millar) Born 11th August 1935, Christchurch, New Zealand. Missing since 1965
NAME / COUNTRY - Tracy Millar / Australia
DREAM - To see a peaceful world
NAME / COUNTRY - Frank Muldowney / Ireland
PROMISE - To live better, and to live peacefully
IDEA - To request a law, country to country, that for each million $ that any person makes, must sponsor a child for food, shelter & education. If one person reaches 10 million, then 10 children, and so on. It there are trillions of excess or wealth, this will save millions of lives, and the billionaires of the world have the huge honour and responsibility to inspire and improve the world
DREAM - To help my 3 year old son, who struggles to communicate every day
NAME / COUNTRY - Adrienne Gallahue / Ireland
DREAM - For the world to dream whilst awake
NAME /COUNTRY - James Sweetman / Ireland
PROMISE / IDEA - To live my best life and to inspire myself and others every day, by celebrating the abundant love in my life and sharing my gifts with the world
DREAM - To see a positive future for my children
NAME / COUNTRY - Mark Donovan / South Africa
PROMISE - To treat people equally.
DREAM - To help make the world a better place, by empowering people and helping them discover happiness, peace and love. Be the best I can be and helping others to be the best they can be
NAME / COUNTRY - Amanda McHugh / Australia
PROMISE - To finish writing my books that will help others cope with life. To get our music into the world to lighten hearts and help spread love, peace & harmony. To help other people's dreams come true. To raise my children to be wonderful, open, wise spirits
DREAM - Where I can be judged by my character
NAME / COUNTRY - George Bouha / Zambia - England
IDEA - Take prisioners/unemployed peoples strengths by given them employment in undelopment countries, with a role in society to build shelters, schools, water pipes
DREAM - Dont know yet
NAME / COUNTRY - Alex Sutton aged 11 / Australia
IDEA - Have a channel for all the adds only, so I can see real programmes only

[/list]DREAM - To help others in my own community
NAME / COUNTRY - Sharon Scanlon aged 14 / Australia
IDEA - An idea to give things I dont need to others, like blankets, socks, anything that can be useful

Email dreamidea06@yahoo.ie
Thank you very much

Supporters BIH

Michael Muldowney - Ireland
Elizabeth Muldowney - Ireland
James Sweetman - Ireland
Shiera O'Brien - Ireland
Susan Lynch - Ireland
Daniel Chandler - Ireland
Kelly Harrington - England
Marty Hoy - Australia
Thessa Moolenaar - Netherlands
Mike Goldsmith - England
Eugene Peelo - Ireland
Clare Peelo - Ireland
Helen Cox - England
Martin Chapman - Ireland
Nadja Thummler - Germany
Adrienne Gallahue - Ireland
Rose Casey - England
Joe Kenny - Ireland
Natasha Tighe - Australia
Jerome Roye - England
Andrew Whisker - Australia
Richard W-Johnson - England
Becky Paskin - England
Michelle Mok - Malayasia
Safia Al Rawi - Ireland
Jill Shute - Scotland
Ksenia Lungwaard - Norway
Mike Swiryn - United States
Garrett Dempsey - Ireland
Kemley Sellars - England
Anja de Jong - Netherlands
Chelcie Andreychuk - Canada
Sharon de Vries - Netherlands
Paco Torro - Spain
Fachtna Clandillion - Ireland
Marie Teirney - Ireland
Laura Rossney - Ireland
Cody Moore - Ireland
Niamh Dowling - Ireland
Elizabeth O'Shea - Ireland
Keith Bannon - Ireland
Benoit van Holme - Belgium
Justin Luria - United States
Marijke Schuurkes - n/a
Denise Cremins - n/a
Benny Gaffney - n/a
Aisling Hoey - Ireland
Pauline O'Shea - Ireland
Lorraine Leogue - n/a
Damien Ryan - Ireland
Brian Butler - n/a
Elinor Porat - Australia
John McKiernan - England
Rasima - Bosnia
Liam Dunne - Ireland
Shane Dalton - n/a
Theo Dunne - Ireland
Katherine DJ Papillion - Ireland
Lorna Mitchell - Ireland
Mark Duggan - Australia
Pauline Zardo - Australia
Sharmen & Michael - Australia

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