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It's Taree (not Tralee!)

Day 510 - 5310km

all seasons in one day 17 °C

Nathan taking a imaginative picture in Newcastle

After 5 days of, heavy, light, consistent and persistent rain, we finally had a dry'ish day when we reached the friendly and cheerful town of Taree.

The journalists of NBN TV and the 'Taree Times' met us on the main bridge as we walked into the town. It is always lovely to meet people who greet you with a smile, and it's needed when we are both tired, with so many targets still to do each day.

As the journey is coming to an ending (of sorts!) a few are now asking about a date when I reach Byron Bay. Well I feel the 22nd is a very good guess right now (give or take a week either way), but firstly I will be asking as many people who were so important in making this event possible. I will be setting a date that suits the most numbers of those who wish to be there. So I will be texting and calling quite a few people, and I will try to pick the best date, but I will not be able to choose a date that suits everyone.

Tomorrow I start the next 80km to Port Macquarie, and it will not be too long when I reach Coffs Harbour.

Kilometres dissapear very quickly when it is coming to last 500.


Frank & Nathan

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Rain stop play!

Day 504 - 5270km

rain 16 °C

I am in a small town called Bulahdelah (yes a mouthful) I was aiming to walk another 25km today but the heavens opened, and its supposed to be a wet spell until Thursday.

Today it was close to a storm, heavy rain all night and day, with gusts which was enough to put me off walking on the Freeway or Highway. The wind is always the main problem, but heavy rain mixed makes it a little too dangerous for me. I have been lucky weather-wise on this journey but why be a wet sponge all day where the drivers wont even see me.

I aim to walk again tomorrow, and hope to reach Taree in 4 days. I hope to update this blog soon, where I can add some pictures of this week.

Special thanks to Andrew and Daphne for the help and support with our time in Raymond Terrace and at The Funny Farm and we wont forget Colin Ron and Paul who have put a smile on our faces.

Thank you guys.

Namaste - Frank and Nathan

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Newcastle - the final major town

Day 496 - 5169km

sunny 25 °C

The crow who followed me from Perth shows me the way :-)

I knew it was a long walk to Newcastle, probably 28km from Swansea. I was walking before 7am, but a strong western wind slowed me down. The road, the 111 Highway was pretty safe, and at about 17km I met Nathan in Charlestown for lunch. A much needed rest.

Harvey reaches the coast on the east in Newcastle

I was feeling a little weary, but I knew I will have a rest for one or two days before taking the next 160km to Taree. My mind seems a little clearer now. I know exactly the distance to Byron Bay, and I know that the councils and the information offices are the important people to promote this Pilgrimage. I firstly wished to promote it when the walk was over, but I am learning fast from the local councils so it is becoming a good idea to make sure all the councils know of this walk before I reach Byron Bay.

The terrific staff of information office in Gosford - The dangerous roads I met on the way from Sydney.

I have not recorded much on the video camera, as I am tired after each days walk plus the number of people Nathan and I talk to about the walk and its purpose. It is just part of it, but the local people always give us a boost and thats probably why we do not rest that much. Even when we meet people who think peace will never happen, Nathan said once 'but if you could see it, would that change your view". It is true, like the Einstein quotation, "knowledge is limited", you have to use your imagination and your vision of peace to create it.

I have learned a great deal on this journey. I came here to make friends with anyone of any type, and I am proud of myself that I have given my opinion and my respect to everyone. I don't seem to have a single enemy, it is a lovely feeling. I understand the importance of making friends with the enemy. To me this is the key to creating peace. It is far too easy to be loving and caring to your friends, and spend no time with ones you don't like - really that means you are only building walls between people. I have met so many people on this journey who feel their own opinions are more important than other peoples feelings, some are neighbours, or just people they just met. Sometimes these people inadvertingly create hatred between people, no different than terrorists. When that happens, I prefer to be alone rather share my company with them, some just will not change. But I believe that in time they will understand why they are limited in making friends. The brotherhood of man, is everyone, not just the ones you like.

Diversions after diversions - Bobby made me a safer path.

I have learned more from people who are nothing like me, and have complete opposites of my opinions. My way is simple, I respect their views, but they must respect mine - thats the way to end friction and build an understanding thus a friendship. If one cannot understand the other persons opinions, then it is you and I have failed to make friends. I was proud to be Irish when I heard of the peace agreement in Ireland. I read it in Time magazine, even though there is no solution if there will be a united Ireland or not, but is it important? We have peace first, that was always the first priority.

I hope I will have the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible in the final month, and after that a long rest to recharge my batteries, until the next journey.

The day we were on NBN TV 6 o'clock News.

Namaste to all those who helped us, we are very privilaged to meet them.

Frank Muldowney

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NBN TV interview with Harvey?

Day 493 - 5090km

sunny 22 °C


Walking into Gosford was one of the most enjoyable day so far on this long journey.
I had to get past several diversions as the Pacific Highway is damaged because of the storms early in the year, some parts are now washed away. I have also decided to walk about an extra 30km's to ignore the Freeway, as it is the most dangerous road I have seen so far on the journay - no rest for me coming to the end!

NBN TV parked beside the van - The dangerous road coming into Gosford

Finally I was now close to Gosford, and Nathan appeared with the 'Boat' (its our rented 2 berth van, named Boat by Nathan) and seconds after, the film crew of NBN appeared. We all had a good time to speak about this walk and it's meaning, and even Harvey was asked a question - sadly we never saw the 6 o'clock news, but the reaction the next day shows it was shown as passers by were bleeping the horns, and calling, 'mad Irishman - good onya'.

In one day we were on 2 radio stations, one newspaper article, and one TV interview, and we were then welcomed for a relaxing evening with Tiffany, a positive minded and inspiring person. She is a new friend who I knew of from our friends in Melbourne. Thanks Tiffany and all the media people who have made our day.

A final thought to the volunteers of the Information office in Mann Street Gosford, who made tea and biscuits, gave us directions and wisdom for the future. Thank you gents and ladies, it was a joy to meet you.

What a challenging but successful day.

I hope to update this blog later on the journey, including the TV interview, and a PDF of the newspaper article.

New pictures from Jennifer (photographer) who walked with us a few weeks ago across the Harbour Bridge. Thank you Jennifer and Vincent

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Back on The Road

Day 489

rain 13 °C


This is just a quick update that Nathan, Frank and of course Harvey are back on the road.

We left Syndey City Centre, yesterday to pick up the rented van in Carlton to complete the journey. Then Nathan drove us back to where the walk stopped in Liverpool and I took a short start again to Parramatta.

This morning was a wet and noisy main road to about 9km short of Hornsby, as we have a lot of replanning ahead, including finding the safest walk to Byron Bay.

Next target is Newcastle in about a week, so I will have a few words with the police about how to get passed the bridges with no width. There is always a challenge on each route.


Frank Muldowney

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Harvey' crosses the Harbour Bridge

Day 484 - 5000km

sunny 22 °C


It was a lovely day, and at 11.00am the people who could make it, to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, made it a day of joy. Nathan and I were delighted to complete this short but symbolic part of the journey, bringing the kilometre count to over 5,000. Markham, Jennifer, Katja, Hazel, Vincent, Hinn Li joined in both the directions, the lifting, the photography and the conversations. It was a very enjoyable day for all of us, as I personally never saw this part being feasable until this moment. It was a great bonus.

It has been 'one' long journey, taxing and more difficult than I first thought. It is now into the 16th month of this pilgrimage for peace and I have no intentions of stopping now. It was in February 2006 when I was staying with my cousins in Perth, thinking 'is it worth it? so much to lose, with slim chances to make a difference. I had no driver yet, the vehicle I needed was hard to find and I was worried about my finances and my visa was getting close to over the limit. It did not looked possible then.

Hinn Li and others gave Harvey a gentle push and a few carries over the steps, to cross this famous bridge.

In fact everything I wanted to start with, I couldn't. Instead I had to take a risk with no guarantee's. It came to be a leap of faith, that human kindness will carry me through this journey, and that was exactly what happened. Pushing Harvey across Australia was not a one mans mission. Harvey was guided, pushed, helped, oiled, repaired, loved and spoken too by hundreds from Perth to Serpentine, to Denmark, to Iron Knob, to Snowtown, to Violet Town, to Springhurst, to Moss Vale, to mention a few.

So did this walk make a difference? The answer is in the heart of those who met Harvey, and those who spoke of their dreams and desire for a more peaceful world. So the answer is simple, yes it made a difference, bringing imaginations and smiles combined, those who will think more of the possibilities of peace in the future. Thats the difference - more thoughts and visions of peace.

It was a privilige to walk with these people, from China, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, Scotland, and part Canadian.

Anything good, spreads, like a stone in a pond, the ripples of kindness cannot be stopped. It always take years for new ideas and new thinking to be understood, particularly ideas set in the future. All I know is the desire for peace in now stronger than ever. We now have peace in Ireland, that was against the odds. More the reason for all of us in Ireland to lead by example, by never go back to violence, and show what Ireland has achieved so much over the years that peace can be created in any place in any nation.

For now it's a time to thank those who made this journey possible, and a time to enjoy this day and the last month and a half to Byron Bay, where Harvey will have his greatest moment in front of the Light House.


Frank Muldowney

PS Nathan still can't find Happy Guy, he was definitely not on the bridge! The search continues.

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The Beginning

The early days 1965 - 1985

23 °C


I was born in Dublin in 1965, a fairly rough working class area in the city centre. My parents bought a house with a garden, thus I was going to be kept off the streets to have a more sheltered childhood and let my imaginations run away with myself in that garden. 1965 was the start of Star Trek, a programme based on what we may see in the future. Sure enough half of the things I saw in the programme became real later in the 80's like, sliding doors, mobiles etc. I guess that stayed in my mind when I was a baby. My unconscious mind remembered the importance of what people think. It came to be the most important part of my life and my own beliefs.

Starting in school it didn't take long that the teachers noticed how good I was at drawing. I look at my own drawings today and I see that I always saw things in a 3 dimensional way, which came out to be very important in my life. If you look in a 2 dimensional way, to me that means I am limited in what I can see or think. On a ship one I looked down at the water, as we only see the surface. But I know that there are millions of life and action going on down there under the surface, and that's what I wanted to draw.

Year by year, I started to become a good student, excellent at maths art and English, but struggling with Irish as my Christian brother teacher refuses to speak English. It made the language more complicated to follow, and with the same teacher, I failed in Latin also as he spoke through Irish as well! I loved school but I didn't know how much unfairness and brain washing was going on in this Christian Brother School in the 70's and 80's. Looking back it seemed being educated was secondary, as long you speak Irish and dislike English people and Protestants. Being that young, I believed this, and it took me 19 years to get away from being an ignorant, racist teenager, and sadly that is what my school produced.

Art was my best subject and my art teacher a Sister, saw my talents early. We had something in common as we both suffer from migraine headaches. Mine started at about 8 years old, and she had similar experiences. I used to get 2 or 3 migraines a year, but more coming close to exam time. She always asked my about it, but I never thought anything about it, its just a headache.

In 1981 I heard about the man Terry Fox, who tried to run across Canada raising funds for a cure for Cancer. He lost his right leg through this disease, and sadly over half way, the cancer came back and he died soon after. The impact he made was astonishing, asking one dollar from each Canadian and after his death over 26 million was raised, more than 1 dollar per head. I was inspired but it was way over my head. I didn't even know where Canada was.

My world was my garden, and my imagination was free. At 17 I was picked for a possible scholarship in Art, in Trinity College, being one of just 40 people who got an A in Art and History. The 4 scholarships were up for grabs, but I did not get it, and despite my disappointment It came to be a blessing in another year.

I was a clerk in a shipping company, B&I and I got the job as my father was well respected their and with my good grades in school, I got the job comfortably. I loved it but I was very green. My father and uncle had a boxing club around the corner from the B&I offices on the quay, so the Transport Boxing Club was my play ground each afternoon. At 18 I was fitter than ever, and i started thinking of getting fit enough to do something special but I didn't no what it.

It was no 1985, I had just turned 19, and everything looks pretty good for me. Little did I know what happened next.

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Harvey - A Bridge too far?

Day 473

semi-overcast 15 °C


After a marathon journey, Frank Muldowney pushing Harvey has now walked 5,000km's for peace across Australia, from Perth to Sydney. It is now set on the 29th July, Sunday morning, to walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, hoping to bring as many friends as possible on this short but symbolic walk.

Since Frank arrived Sydney, many obstacles have occured, which has delayed the momentum of the walk, but at the same time, Frank has met many Irish friends in the city who may just build even more interest in this meaningful walk. He now has more time to get a large number of peaceful minded people to create a peace walk across this famous bridge.

On the road with Nathan driving Namaste behind - At the statue of Mohandas Gandhi in Canberra.

The Walk for Peace across Sydney Harbour Bridge -

Sunday 11.00 am - July 29th
Meeting at the Circulat Quay - Wharf 6
Walk planned to end at Lavender Bay
Please join this walk, and bring your own video and still cameras where I can add what you recorded on this web site.

The Media Release of the blog - http://harvey.travellerspoint.com/49/
has been sent to all the newspapers, radio and TV stations.

Frank hopes to start the walk, north to Newcastle, early in August.

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Frank's interview with Michelle Fenech

Walking into Sydney.


Frank Muldowney in Bargo on his 6000-kilometrewalk across Australia for world peace.

By Michelle Fenech

IRISHMAN Frank Muldowney is walking across Australia for world peace – but he could not resist stopping at the Bargo pub. He began walking from Perth to Byron Bay in April last year, pushing an orange wheelchair carrying Harvey, an imaginary figure for peace and kindness. He had covered 4926 kilometres when the Advertiser met him on the freeway last Thursday. Mr Muldowney said he is spreading the word on how we can achieve world peace by 2015 and that Harvey was a reminder that the world will
remain disabled until we have peace.


‘‘Harvey is whatever you want him to be – he is your own dream for peace,’’ he said. ‘‘If you think about it, all of the peaceful people like Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa are still alive, you just can’t see them anymore.’’

Mr Muldowney has completed walks for charity in France, Spain, Ireland and Peru since 1989 – millions of steps and each one part of a pilgrimage of peace. ‘‘The Camino de Santiago is the oldest pilgrimage in the world with 20,000 walkers a year, and the wisdom and peace that grows into the hearts of every pilgrim spreads to others,’’ he said.

‘‘This is why I am trying to create a pilgrimage of peace here in Australia, then link this walk to Ireland, the UK and beyond. ‘‘I like to use an Albert Einstein quote: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge; knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the entire world’. ‘‘I believe it is time to start thinking this way, as imaginations, visions of peace, are the way to become a reality.’’



Frank’s walking does the talking

WORLD PEACE - It’s the professed ambition of past and present world leaders – and beauty pageant contestants. But can it be achieved by 2015?
Frank Muldowney believes it can be done and he is walking across the country to spread the word.

It was Thursday when I received a call from a friend of mine who works at Bargo Hotel. She told me about the interesting Irishman who visited the pub on his way from Perth to Byron Bay, ‘‘walking for world peace’’. When I first spoke to Frank I was intrigued by the imaginary figure he had created. Frank has pushed ‘‘Harvey’’ across the country in a wheelchair and says that Harvey serves to remind us that the world is disabled until we achieve world peace.

What makes Frank even more interesting is that he suffered
from a life-threatening brain haemorrhage when he was 19. He said that since then he has wanted to inspire as many people as he could with his philosophy of peace – that it is here. Frank also told me that he was inspired by people like the Dalai Lama, Mahatma Gandhi, Terry Fox, Martin Luther King and Mother Theresa. After speaking with Frank I was inspired by his determination to complete his walk and achieve his ultimate goal. He told me that by announcing a year for world peace – 2015 – people would be more focused.

Is he onto something?

When I think about all of the bad news we see in the media every day I amreminded of how far we are from any sort of peace. But perhaps if our attitudes changed. . . I understand that walking across a country is different to running one, but maybe if the leaders of the world thought more like Frank we wouldn’t be in such a mess. Because although world peace seems so far away, to Frank it
is not.

Maybe Frank is right, and if everyone believes that peace is as close as 2015 then it will happen. Gandhi once said you must ‘‘be’’ the change that you want to see in the world – and that’s exactly what Frank Muldowney is being.


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Namaste calls it a day!

Day 470

semi-overcast 13 °C

Happy days with Namaste parked as resturant, shower, accommodation and a advertising board!

It is a short message that Namaste 'the headquarters' of the journey for the last 5 months has come to an end. She has gathered a lot of technical problems on the journey, and the costs were mounting. Nathan and I knew it was coming to an end, but Andrew and Daphne are now taking care of this lovely vehicle in Newcastle, and just as we were leaving back to Sydney, the engine started blowing smoke out of the engine and the bus called it a day.

The best of friends, Nammy and Harvey.

Daphne drove us to the train station to send us back to Sydney where the walk had ended in Liverpool, and now I will be making a base in the city to make a new trailer behind me, so I can bring all the essentials with me for the rest of the last journey to Byron Bay - very like the way I walked around Ireland 14 years ago. If I get a decent deal for a 2 berth van is also an option where Nathan can still be with me to Byron Bay, which would be great for both of us.


So it seems a little sad that I will not be living in Namaste when I end this long journey, but there is a great feeling of understanding and achievement between Nathan, myself and 'Nammy' which we lived in for approx 1,600km of driving for 2 months, and the number of people we met is now part of our lives.

Thank you Nathan for covering the longest drive of your life so far, and thank you Namaste for getting us to Sydney which was our aim from the beginning.

Namaste to Namaste!

Frank Muldowney

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Harvey glides into Sydney

4960km on Day469 - July 15th

Harvey's poster by Jennifer Watson

Harvey has now reached the big city. The walk ended just past Liverpool, just 33k short of the city centre. I will be based here for a while now looking for publicity when Harvey crosses the Harbour Bridge.

It will be the last drive with Namaste (the bus), due to the problems and cost that occured in the last 2 weeks, and the road after Sydney being a fast dangerous freeway. The last part of the journey will be the old way, me and Harvey, a trailer and tent. This will make the last journey safer, cheaper and a touch of freedom as I will not be able to do any internet publicity work - a blessing in disguise). I am in no rush now. Namaste is now parked not far from Newcastle where Andrew and Daphne (close friends of Jacky and I) will take care of our sick little bus that was our home for a long journey.

The Start.JPEGTaking_on_Nullarbor.jpg
Memories of the beginnings in Perth and the Nullarbor

A special thank you to Nathan, who has driven over 1,500km (forward and backwards as the back up team), and spreading awareness in the towns on the way. I think Nate will stay in Sydney for a while to see his next adventure, maybe continue seeking for 'Happy Guy' who you can read about him on Nathan's Facebook web page. It was a tyring journey as the traffic was hectic from Melbourne, and I believe we only had a handful of nights where we could just relax parked in nature. On the way, we met over 40 inspiring people on the way from Violet Town to Bowral, shook hands with Dalai Lama and the Irish Ambassador, gave out over 500 fly letters and had interviews with local radio stations and ABC Life Matters and Triple J. There were several excellent articles in the newspapers, Canberra Times, Southern Highlander, The Goulburn Post all accurate and impressive articles which will spread the story forward. The journey from Melbourne to Canberra to Sydney was a success.

Now a time to wait, and find the best route and plan to Byron Bay.

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Namaste - in the pits! Day 458

4778km completed

storm 6 °C

Namaste having a word with Harvey...

Just on the last walk to Goulburn, and the bus 'Namaste' (or Nammy) decided to have a little snooze in the morning.

Nathan and I both thought is was a battery problem, but no, it is the started has just gone 'kaput' and Namaste is now being taken care of by the mechanic's of Goulburn.

This means a day of leisure for me to rest my feet, but still things to do. Nathan is giving blood to the Red Cross, we were intervied by the Goulburn Post also, and we alert the local radio stations, and the school. It is a little frantic to do so much in one day, not forgetting to eat and wash ourselves when we have a chance.

Nathan's brave donation. Bill's family in Goulburn.

Nathan has come to be 'The special one', as after his blood donation he is B positive! Me being Irish and common, my blood wasn't really wanted as I am from the 'mad cow disease' part of the world, thus Nate is a much more wanted person in this funny town. Well done Nate :-)


We are both modelling the new T shirts -


I was asked, 'if its 2015 for world peace then what time and date?' I replied, 22nd January, 1pm. Nathan believes it will be 1.03pm but we will try not to argue of those 180 seconds.

It all looks like a joke, and yes I am smiling, but jokes aside, if one believes in peace then what are you doing about it, and if so, then when? I hope this way of thinking will persuade people to act more rather than just talking about it.

It has raised a few eyebrows, and gets even more confusing when people asked who announced world peace by 2015. I just say, Harvey announced it, the peacemaker, who else can.

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UPF & Church of Scientology v's Harvey

The advantages of having brain damage.

semi-overcast 22 °C

Well into the journey across Australia, something new has comes across my path.

Believing in Harvey has a certain purity about it, with complete goodness in it's intentions. I made a decision to make no profit on this journey, this is why I gave away most of my possessions on the journey, as the message was the point, some never understood this. That purity however came to be contagious and popular, and as Harvey became 'wanted' so did the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and The Church of Scientology (CoS I will call it).

I was invited to meet both organisations, and looking back I made a mistake by dragging Mick and his family into the situation. Before I even met the 2 organisations, I did a little bit of research on Wikipedia on the internet, and more importantly, why do they wish to meet me?

It didn't take long for me to find out, that it was nothing to do with creating World Peace, or promoting what I was doing, but instead both organisations were trying in the nicest and intellectual way as possible to buy my popularity and has me as a member of their organisations.

If anyone knows a little about salesman approaches, charisma, and neuro-linguistic programming, then you will know a little how you can change peoples minds to do things that you do not really wish to do. The CoS seem to be masters at this, giving free IQ tests, but then point out your weaknesses and how their organisation can make you a better person. The young lady made a fatal mistake when she was present when I agreed to have a IQ test while in Adelaide a few months back. She had a well planed text book approach to convince anyone that their brilliant ways of improving yourself through their courses, books and DVD's. I completed the test, watched the video and listend to everything what she said.

At the end of her 'speech' with all the ways she can make me a confident and more intellectual person in the future, I just smiled and said, "Actually, I am very happy with the way I am". She was a little surprises and she started to say the 'but' word on each sentence, which to me means, that my words are not as important as hers. Now I was smiling inside as bit by bit, her well trained technique was beginning to fall apart, and I couldn't stop smiling. I eventually saved time on both of us by saying. "As I said, I am very happy with the way I am, and the proof is, I am the one who is smiling."

It actually took me quite a time to figure out how I handled the situations so well. I had to make a speech in front of 30 people at the CoS in Melbourne and later on with the UPF who I never heard of, who came out to be the Moonies. So how come my thoughts and beliefs were never changed by these highly intellectual gentlemen and women. I thing part of it is, when you have brain damage, and my own comprehension works in a very different ways, I guess they found it very hard to persuade my own thinking, as effectively I do not understand all the words in each sentence. So methods like, changing the unconcious mind, or even hypnosis doesn't work because I have created my own unique way of communicating. I never thought that brain damage and comprehension problems came out to be my own defensive mechanism, and thus Harvey strolled on with the pure message still intact.

I did have to make plans after Melbourne as the CoS had kept note of the people involved, so I was a good time to protect Mick and his family as they could be a target in the future, as they are Australian citizens. My recent driver Nathan is from Melbourne and I asked his openly, that it maybe a problem in the future and I want him to be aware of the possible hassle from these organisations in the future. I was impressed when Nathan said, he was a free spirit and he would make his on decisions and at the time he wanted to continue on the journey, knowing how difficult it may become.

I had enormous respect and admiration to Nathan. I had met Nathan's mentor months ago, Dean Frenkle, who spoke so highly of this gifted guy and it seemed fate that we ended on the journey together.

Here is the current video, the UPF DVD, and make your own judgement, if this organisation is genuine with genuine intentions. It does not mention Mr Moon who is the person who runs it, and their logo is a similar copy of the United Nations, but they are not connected with the UN direct.


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Irish Ambassador meets 'Harvey'

Date 454 - 4,706 km completed

sunny 9 °C

Harvey with The Irish Ambassador, Mairtin O Fainin.

I restart the walk tomorrow, the main road from Canberra to Sydney.
But before leaving the capital, it was an honour to be set on my way by the Irish Ambassador Mairtin O Fainin.

Inge, Nathan, myself and of course Harvey, were welcomed in the Ambassadors office to discuss this walk, it's meaning and it's future. We were talking about peace in Ireland today and ways of trying to inspire other people and nations, that peace is a desire in so many peoples hearts.

A chat over tea.

I felt privileged to be welcomed into the Irish Embassy, with a touch of pride in my heart that Ireland has achieved so much during my life, and it was a private moment of happiness when the Ambassador gave me the text of the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's speech, 'Joint houses of Parliment, A Shared History, A New Partnership'. I was on the road walking to Melbourne at the time, and it is a pleasure to read this historical sreech now. I believe Ireland's future will inspire so many other nations, that world peace is more than just possible, to me it's inevitable.


Inge and Nathan are both Australians who also have the same desire for peace in the world, who have already built friendships in both Australia and other countries in their lives. We enjoyed our cups of tea feeling positive about the future, but still aware of the challenges ahead.

I wish to thank the Ambassador and staff of the Irish Embassy for their time and support of this journey, and each step that I now make, I feel acknowledged and energized to make a real difference ahead.

Thank you.

Pictures taken by Inge and Nathan - more to be shown on this blog later on.

Frank Muldowney

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Harvey meets Dalai Lama in Canberra, Day 437

Walk for Peace, 4700km completed - www.believinginharvey.com

overcast 4 °C

Dalai Lama's visit in Canberra, I was privileged to be there.

June 10th-11th

It was a very exciting time for Nathan, myself and Harvey of course, when we finally reached Canberra. We were greeted by Jessica Wright of the Canberra Times who wrote an accurate atricle which was published on the second day. She asked me a very good question, 'what was you main personal aim of this walk?' My reply was 'several', to see peace across the world, to have Harvey known as a world figure for peace, and the most personal one for me, to make friends with everyone I meet on this journey regardless of personal differences, which so far I have achieved. You cannot create peace when you cannot make friends.

Annette giving me a few pointers, before she interviewed me for the camera

Annette (film director) and her family and friends joined us on our walk down the Anzac Parade, and she recorded an hour of the events of the day at the War Memorial Museum. I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak freely and openly about this Walk for Peace and Harvey, and its true meaning. Annette has some very good ideas of a documentary of the number of peace walks across the world, and plans to see if there is a way to unify these walkers. Thank you Annette for the work you have done for us on the journey from Violet Town to Canberra.

June 12th

Nathan drove us to a press conference not far from Capital Hill, where Dalai Lama had a brief speech before answering several questions for the press. After, the Dalai Lama had a tight schedule but still had a few minutes to greet some of the other people at the conference, before he was ushered to the sports complex on the other side of the city.

P6121968.jpgP6121969_1.jpgNathan listened to every word of the peacemaker, and took that picture as the Dalai Lama walked on after the handshake

Nathan and myself were very honoured by shaking hands with his holiness, but the best for me was he did not look at me when we shook hands he smiled and had a large grin when he saw Harvey between of us. I like to think that he saw more than just an orange wheelchair, and saw Harvey himself and 'peace' oozing outwards of this imaginary peacemaker.

June 13th

Because of the article about the Walk for Peace in the Canberra Times, we were invited to attend a peace rally 'Where doves fly...peace follows', a walk to Parliment House with about 60 people carrying eye catching huge doves. This was a peaceful demonstration with a simple message that Australia should have visions of peace rather than practicing war games. We went past the Aboriginal Embassy (a protest) where we had been honoured by the 3 men who live there. They allowed us to stay there for two nights. The rally was a complete success, with several speakers, including Senator Kerry Nettle, former Senator Lyn Allison, other citizens of Canberra, myself and rally organiser Sue Andrew, who heard about me through the media.

At the site of the Aboriginal Embassy, the prostest continues.


On the journey to Canberra we met some truly supportive and inspirational characters on the way. Nathan and I feel very humbled by the generosity of so many people.


After leaving Melbourne, I experienced green fields, zero temperatures, heavy winds and consistent rain! It was a little like being back in sweet Ireland. Even so the journey was enjoyable as these people shown in these pictures made our journey a joy.


Each person had one's own gift for us, Ben - photographer, Helen - film director, Dizzy and Sjan - Bikers and more, Kevin The Reverend of Holbrook, Jennifer and Vincent - photograher and artist, and on the day eight people walked with Harvey through the Anzac Parade.

It was a pleasure and an honour to meet these people who have have given us so much of their time, and I feel even more inspired having heard so many of their own experiences and stories which I hope a piece of their hearts will combine with Harvey's.

The dream for peace is in everyone's hearts.

Namaste - Frank Muldowney


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