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December 2006

"Harvey turning some heads in Adelaide"

written by Francis Muldowney


Because of the help of so many people, I have now walked 3,300km to Adelaide, over half way. Still another 2,700km to reach Byron Bay. Having a police escort to the Lord Mayor's Office was a humbling experience, walking through the main street of the city, where everyone's eyes turn to Harvey. The crowds seemed confused of course, but the noise of the city seemed to dim, as this very slow parade passed so many people. Harvey has strolled into town !

Adelaide parade.JPEG

A special thanks to Dr. Creston I. Magasdi (Deputy Lord Mayor of Adelaide), Seargent Harry McCallum, Jane (Mayor's office), Jacky, Di, Chris, Daniel, Courtney and Suzie (all from the YHA) who all had equal importance in this special day. Myself, Amanda and Michael, are also touched by the support of the people at YHA Central, whose help has contributed to our success on the journey. It's very hard to feel down, when people like this are so helpful and generous.

Lord Mayor..bration.jpg

Many find this walk for peace confusing - an invisible character - the importance of dreams - and who is Harvey?
Well, I'm the one with the brain damage, so it's never going to be a black and white story :) Bare with me, the final steps of the journey will explain itself.

The core of this journey is the importance of the individual, and his/her's imagination. Living one's dream is the way to happiness, and happiness is the way to peace.

Our thoughts create the world. Thus our thoughts can create peace.
Imagine we are now living in a peaceful world, with no war, no poverty and no fear. Picture yourself clearly. Would you live differently in this peaceful world? If so, why not try living that way now?

To me this points out the importance of how the individual lives and whether one truly believe in peace. The vast majority of children we meet, believe in peace. Sadly, too many adults we meet don't. So that makes me think, are you inadvertently creating a negative future for your own children?

Kia is 3 years old, daughter of Amanda and Michael, and they are determined to keep Kia's dreams alive, that she will grow up believing in a peaceful future. I believe Amanda and Michael have set the standards of being 'giving' human beings and parents to a new level by removing negativity, replacing it with friendship and love, while still living their own dreams, and staying true to their own hearts. They have inspired hundreds of people on this journey, one by one, and I hope to walk beyond the boundaries of Australia to help their own dreams.

The journey now continues after Christmas, and we hope to be known in the media before we reach Melbourne. I am enjoying my needed rest here in Adelaide, and loving each moment by living my own dream, while watching Amanda and Michael doing the same. Kia is the spark, that reminds us each day, why we are doing it.

Parade guys.jpg
Jacky, Daniel, Courtney, Chris, Francis, Harvey (in the front of course) Di, and Suzie.

From humble beginnings, we have achieved so much on this journey. By doing something good, things expand, growing in a way that bad things never can. We hope this positive ripple effect will reach beyond our own imaginations.

Love, Peace and Harvey :)

Merry Christmas, everywhere.

Francis Muldowney

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