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June 2007

UPF & Church of Scientology v's Harvey

The advantages of having brain damage.

semi-overcast 22 °C

Well into the journey across Australia, something new has comes across my path.

Believing in Harvey has a certain purity about it, with complete goodness in it's intentions. I made a decision to make no profit on this journey, this is why I gave away most of my possessions on the journey, as the message was the point, some never understood this. That purity however came to be contagious and popular, and as Harvey became 'wanted' so did the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and The Church of Scientology (CoS I will call it).

I was invited to meet both organisations, and looking back I made a mistake by dragging Mick and his family into the situation. Before I even met the 2 organisations, I did a little bit of research on Wikipedia on the internet, and more importantly, why do they wish to meet me?

It didn't take long for me to find out, that it was nothing to do with creating World Peace, or promoting what I was doing, but instead both organisations were trying in the nicest and intellectual way as possible to buy my popularity and has me as a member of their organisations.

If anyone knows a little about salesman approaches, charisma, and neuro-linguistic programming, then you will know a little how you can change peoples minds to do things that you do not really wish to do. The CoS seem to be masters at this, giving free IQ tests, but then point out your weaknesses and how their organisation can make you a better person. The young lady made a fatal mistake when she was present when I agreed to have a IQ test while in Adelaide a few months back. She had a well planed text book approach to convince anyone that their brilliant ways of improving yourself through their courses, books and DVD's. I completed the test, watched the video and listend to everything what she said.

At the end of her 'speech' with all the ways she can make me a confident and more intellectual person in the future, I just smiled and said, "Actually, I am very happy with the way I am". She was a little surprises and she started to say the 'but' word on each sentence, which to me means, that my words are not as important as hers. Now I was smiling inside as bit by bit, her well trained technique was beginning to fall apart, and I couldn't stop smiling. I eventually saved time on both of us by saying. "As I said, I am very happy with the way I am, and the proof is, I am the one who is smiling."

It actually took me quite a time to figure out how I handled the situations so well. I had to make a speech in front of 30 people at the CoS in Melbourne and later on with the UPF who I never heard of, who came out to be the Moonies. So how come my thoughts and beliefs were never changed by these highly intellectual gentlemen and women. I thing part of it is, when you have brain damage, and my own comprehension works in a very different ways, I guess they found it very hard to persuade my own thinking, as effectively I do not understand all the words in each sentence. So methods like, changing the unconcious mind, or even hypnosis doesn't work because I have created my own unique way of communicating. I never thought that brain damage and comprehension problems came out to be my own defensive mechanism, and thus Harvey strolled on with the pure message still intact.

I did have to make plans after Melbourne as the CoS had kept note of the people involved, so I was a good time to protect Mick and his family as they could be a target in the future, as they are Australian citizens. My recent driver Nathan is from Melbourne and I asked his openly, that it maybe a problem in the future and I want him to be aware of the possible hassle from these organisations in the future. I was impressed when Nathan said, he was a free spirit and he would make his on decisions and at the time he wanted to continue on the journey, knowing how difficult it may become.

I had enormous respect and admiration to Nathan. I had met Nathan's mentor months ago, Dean Frenkle, who spoke so highly of this gifted guy and it seemed fate that we ended on the journey together.

Here is the current video, the UPF DVD, and make your own judgement, if this organisation is genuine with genuine intentions. It does not mention Mr Moon who is the person who runs it, and their logo is a similar copy of the United Nations, but they are not connected with the UN direct.


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Irish Ambassador meets 'Harvey'

Date 454 - 4,706 km completed

sunny 9 °C

Harvey with The Irish Ambassador, Mairtin O Fainin.

I restart the walk tomorrow, the main road from Canberra to Sydney.
But before leaving the capital, it was an honour to be set on my way by the Irish Ambassador Mairtin O Fainin.

Inge, Nathan, myself and of course Harvey, were welcomed in the Ambassadors office to discuss this walk, it's meaning and it's future. We were talking about peace in Ireland today and ways of trying to inspire other people and nations, that peace is a desire in so many peoples hearts.

A chat over tea.

I felt privileged to be welcomed into the Irish Embassy, with a touch of pride in my heart that Ireland has achieved so much during my life, and it was a private moment of happiness when the Ambassador gave me the text of the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern's speech, 'Joint houses of Parliment, A Shared History, A New Partnership'. I was on the road walking to Melbourne at the time, and it is a pleasure to read this historical sreech now. I believe Ireland's future will inspire so many other nations, that world peace is more than just possible, to me it's inevitable.


Inge and Nathan are both Australians who also have the same desire for peace in the world, who have already built friendships in both Australia and other countries in their lives. We enjoyed our cups of tea feeling positive about the future, but still aware of the challenges ahead.

I wish to thank the Ambassador and staff of the Irish Embassy for their time and support of this journey, and each step that I now make, I feel acknowledged and energized to make a real difference ahead.

Thank you.

Pictures taken by Inge and Nathan - more to be shown on this blog later on.

Frank Muldowney

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Harvey meets Dalai Lama in Canberra, Day 437

Walk for Peace, 4700km completed - www.believinginharvey.com

overcast 4 °C

Dalai Lama's visit in Canberra, I was privileged to be there.

June 10th-11th

It was a very exciting time for Nathan, myself and Harvey of course, when we finally reached Canberra. We were greeted by Jessica Wright of the Canberra Times who wrote an accurate atricle which was published on the second day. She asked me a very good question, 'what was you main personal aim of this walk?' My reply was 'several', to see peace across the world, to have Harvey known as a world figure for peace, and the most personal one for me, to make friends with everyone I meet on this journey regardless of personal differences, which so far I have achieved. You cannot create peace when you cannot make friends.

Annette giving me a few pointers, before she interviewed me for the camera

Annette (film director) and her family and friends joined us on our walk down the Anzac Parade, and she recorded an hour of the events of the day at the War Memorial Museum. I was delighted to have the opportunity to speak freely and openly about this Walk for Peace and Harvey, and its true meaning. Annette has some very good ideas of a documentary of the number of peace walks across the world, and plans to see if there is a way to unify these walkers. Thank you Annette for the work you have done for us on the journey from Violet Town to Canberra.

June 12th

Nathan drove us to a press conference not far from Capital Hill, where Dalai Lama had a brief speech before answering several questions for the press. After, the Dalai Lama had a tight schedule but still had a few minutes to greet some of the other people at the conference, before he was ushered to the sports complex on the other side of the city.

P6121968.jpgP6121969_1.jpgNathan listened to every word of the peacemaker, and took that picture as the Dalai Lama walked on after the handshake

Nathan and myself were very honoured by shaking hands with his holiness, but the best for me was he did not look at me when we shook hands he smiled and had a large grin when he saw Harvey between of us. I like to think that he saw more than just an orange wheelchair, and saw Harvey himself and 'peace' oozing outwards of this imaginary peacemaker.

June 13th

Because of the article about the Walk for Peace in the Canberra Times, we were invited to attend a peace rally 'Where doves fly...peace follows', a walk to Parliment House with about 60 people carrying eye catching huge doves. This was a peaceful demonstration with a simple message that Australia should have visions of peace rather than practicing war games. We went past the Aboriginal Embassy (a protest) where we had been honoured by the 3 men who live there. They allowed us to stay there for two nights. The rally was a complete success, with several speakers, including Senator Kerry Nettle, former Senator Lyn Allison, other citizens of Canberra, myself and rally organiser Sue Andrew, who heard about me through the media.

At the site of the Aboriginal Embassy, the prostest continues.


On the journey to Canberra we met some truly supportive and inspirational characters on the way. Nathan and I feel very humbled by the generosity of so many people.


After leaving Melbourne, I experienced green fields, zero temperatures, heavy winds and consistent rain! It was a little like being back in sweet Ireland. Even so the journey was enjoyable as these people shown in these pictures made our journey a joy.


Each person had one's own gift for us, Ben - photographer, Helen - film director, Dizzy and Sjan - Bikers and more, Kevin The Reverend of Holbrook, Jennifer and Vincent - photograher and artist, and on the day eight people walked with Harvey through the Anzac Parade.

It was a pleasure and an honour to meet these people who have have given us so much of their time, and I feel even more inspired having heard so many of their own experiences and stories which I hope a piece of their hearts will combine with Harvey's.

The dream for peace is in everyone's hearts.

Namaste - Frank Muldowney


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Canberra Times - Harvey a hit on the road

- Jessica White

Last 1km to Capital Hill

An Irishman accompanied by an imaginary friend and a fluro-orange wheelchair has found a unique way to push for peace.

Frank Muldowney, origionally from Dublin, plans to walk across the globe, pushing an empty wheelchair, to spread the message of world peace.

Mr Muldowney arrived in Canberra yesterday after setting out from Perth in April 2006. The wheelchair was symbolic of a world disabled by war, racism and injustice and carried an important load, according to Mr Muldowney.

"I created Harvey, an imaginary leader for peace and kindness, who you can only see by the presence of his orange wheelchair. harvey is the peacemakerwho can be a member of any race religion or creed," he said.

Mr Muldowney had visited several schools in Victoria in an attempt to raise awareness of human rights.

"These are the leaders of the world's future. I chat to them a little about the journey and they go crazy over Harvey. Kids have great imaginations and they are full of hope," he said.

Mr Muldowney said there had been people who had questioned his sanity.

"One of the most enjoyable parts so far has been walking across the Nullarbor. The trucks gave me a thrill and a bit more energy each time they passed, but more than once I was offered the number of a psychiatrist" he said.

His arrival in Canberra, had been timed to coincide with the Dalai Lama's visit and Mr Muldowney said he shared the Tibetan's philosophies.

At the press conference in Press Club, Canberra

"I live with a smile. I believe respect, humour, love and peace within are the roots of a perfect world"

The Walk for Peace is scheduled to finish in Byron Bay in September.

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Ulysses Bikers love the slowest 2 wheeler, Harvey

Canberra to Sydney to Byron Bay


On this journey I have met some extra ordinary people. Since I walked from Melbourne on the journey to Canberra on the freeway, I have made new friends, bikers and members of Ulysses.

Dizzy and Sjan were the first of many bikers who have joined in with the happy feeling of being free on the road. I have been given so much advice and information that I now hope that the Ulysses bikers can be a major part of the Walk for Peace, as freedom, the right to travel, and expressing yourself is a major part of what Human Rights is all about on this journey.


I have contacted with about 10 of the Ulysses branch listings on the route from Canberra to all the way to Byron Bay, and I hope this will grow to be a popular site on the main road on the rest of the walk, which would make me feel considerable safer on the road being sheltered by the bikers.


Thank you for the bikers and members of Ulysses for helping me on the way into the Capital and I hope it continues.


Frank Muldowney

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Mick McHugh - Harvey is coming?

Byron Bay awaits the arrival of Harvey

-17 °C

Mick McHugh, on the cliffs of the Nullarbor.

For those who do not know Mick McHugh, well let me explain why he is a key role in making the path to Byron Bay.

I have walked with so many inspiring people during my charity walking years. Mick joned this journey to be my driver in Western and Southern Australia, and on the way he created over a dozen songs, aimed to inspire people on the way. Being a driver doesn't look that much of a role on a journey where so many think it's just like a holiday. Well, I will say this - I collapsed on this walk on the Nullarbor. It was a seizure, one that I never thought would happen, the worst I ever had. Mick was present when it happen, and it is a very frightening experinece, when one does not know exactly what to do. After over 30 minutes of the seizure, Mick played music and placed his hand on my back, talking and keeping my mind as alert as much as one can. I know those simple touches of love, brought me back from that dark alley. I did not know what happened.

Michael Sun.JPGIMGP1477.jpg
Mick on the Nullarbor, and Mick with family and friends in Melbourne.

Mick and I were stuck in Caiguna for 4 days, trying to find out what is the best thing to do. At the end my health was no better, and Mick had the most heart breaking part of the journey when he had to drive me back over 1,000km to Perth where I had to fly home to Ireland for medical observation.

That was a turning point on the journey, as Mick has never lost faith in 'Believing in Harvey' and it is fitting now, that Mick and his family will be there in Byron Bay promoting now his own songs, and at the same time having their arms wide open to welcome 'Harvey' on the last day.

BIH band.JPGus preforming.JPEG
"Fun days in 2006"

Namaste to Mick Amanda and Kia

Frank Muldowney

Mick's web page is - www.myspace.com/mickmchugh

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