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May 2007

Wodonga welcomes Harvey

Day 419


A day for myself and Nathan being educated through the expressions and imaginations of the youth from the Flying Fruit Fly Circus School. They were interested in what we were doing, but the invisible Harvey and vision of peace in the future, they just accepted it as common sense.

I briefly spoke about the Youth Human Rights International Organisation, and the students were keen to keep the booklet's that we left behind to the teacher. I hope these precious booklets will start a wave of awareness of Human Rights, to be passed on from generation to generation.


I was humbled by the guys of the class as if these are the future preformers, dancers, actors or acrobats, then the future looks very bright to me.

Thank you Valerie, it was a privilege to be allowed to speak to this inspiring class.

Frank Muldowney

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Harvey glides into Springhurst

Day 414 , 4320km

Today Nathan and Frank introduced Harvey to the enthusiastic school children of the Springhurst Primary School.

Harvey_1_.jpgThe smiling faces of the students of the Springhurst School

We were grilled with intelligent questions, very good practice for us in the future when the media do the same. After a good 20 minutes explaining about Harvey and the orange wheelchair, then humour came in as Nathan showed his talent with throat singing. It was an impressive proformance however the school students had never heard such a strange voice before, thus they did not no how to react but laugh instead. The humour spread into all of us, and at the end we were all laughing.


It was a very enjoyable time with the staff and students, and we felt very touched by being welcomed so openly in this lovely town.

Frank Muldowney

Update :

Manny and Paula have informed all the primary and secondary schools on the journey ahead to Sydney, to pass out the booklets of Youth Human Rights International Org.

Michael and Amanda are now living their own individual dream, to create their own album and book, and we wish you well. They are on the way to Byron Bay where we all hope more than just one dream will be achieved.

Dean and Linda have contacted dozens of both local and national newspapers ahead on the walk, which makes my journey so much easier. I am now mostly interviewed on the phone before I even get their, and the towns are aware of the walk.

Dizzy and Sjan have passed the word to Ulysses, and its a new idea when coming into Sydney next month. I will update about this matter after the walk to Canberra.

Special thanks to Helen, Ben, Annette and Andie for open new doors to open a new documentary of the peace walks across the world.

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Harvey adopted by the youth of Violet Town

4220km completed, day 411

Picture_006_edited.jpgNathan & Harvey
After rain and stops in roadhouses and parking stops, Nathan drove into Violet Town, where he was welcomed with open arms and smiles.

A thunderstorm stopped Frank and Harvey on the road and because of it Violet Town came to be Harvey's home for 2 days, and Annette, Andy, Indigo and over 14 other friends made a night of it for all of us.

The Youth Human Rights booklet. Frank resting in Namaste (the bus)

We talked of what this walk is about, the importance of Youth Human Rights, and one's own importance and dreams of the future. These young people were a joy to be with. Each individual spoke of their own ambitions, aiming to be mechanics or musicians or lawyers, each dream was different.

Nathan, Indigo, Andy and Annette

It was one of the most inspirational nights for a very long time, and it was a humbling feeling to be welcomed with nothing more than positive thinking and the roots of friendships ahead.

Thank you to the people of the town.

Frank Muldowney

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A Personal Pilgrimage - Melbourne to Canberra

Perth to Byron Bay - 4,070 km completed

This stage of the journey is different. A 658km walk from Melbourne to Canberra is a personal pilgrimage that I dedicate these steps to the memory of my father Tom.

1993 outside the Mansion House in Dublin, the last time I saw my Father who set me on my way on a walk of awareness for MND and MS.

My Dad, lived with Motor Neuron Disease for the last 7 years of his life, in pain and discomfort but with great diginity and honor. I am truly privilidged to be able to walk these steps for my Dad to carry his own dreams and prayers, that will now be passed on to others.

Left, 'Harvey' the imaginative person for everyones dream for peace. Right, Prime Minister Bertie Aherne awarding me for the 7 international walks for the MS Society in 1997, the award is really to my family.

My Dad died a month after that picture above was taken and it was then the support and love of my mother and my brother, Phyl and Michael is the reason why I continued walking. I would not be here in Australia if it was not for them. I thank you both for it, from my soul.

I now make every step for Tom Phyl and Michael, and I am doing this short walk to Canberra on behalf of my Dad for the years that he could not.

Thank you Dad for your love.

Tom Muldowney (1924 - 1993)


Frank Muldowney

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Harvey meets Nathan, day 399

4,070 km completed

Harvey meets Nathan

I am a lucky human being to have Harvey beside me, but today a new person brings Harvey to the streets of Melbourne aiming north to Canberra. Nathan is his name and I am sure he will bring a lot of happy faces on the final third of the journey.

Harvey is a magnet to talented people, and now has met and loved the company of Dean Frenkel, Linda Lassi and now Nathan Sturdy.

Dean taking care of Harvey's wheelchair, and the Police girls protect and serve to Harvey.

Nathan, has joined in with the journey, bringing more humour throat singing and imagination. Dean the Guinness record holder for the longest continuous vocal note - 57 seconds on ABC TV's Enough Rope with Andrew Denton is also making a new path for Harvey's to be known across the country and beyond. Linda with a 'dreamlike' voice has also joined helping out with her experiences in the music line and all three have become a passionate group who adopted Harvey like a family friend. As for me it is just a privilige to be with them as friends.

No I did not forget my shoes, just respecting to the people of this land. On the right myself and Jacky Agosti, more to come about this inspirational woman.

The list of lasting friendships from Perth to Melbourne has grown. I hope this chain of friendships will expand across all the states of Australia, and to Ireland and other countries also.

Harvey on the road again, with a smile as usual.

Harvey's friends

Thank you from all of those in the pictures above and those who are not. The list who I wish to thank again is long, but bare with me, I will reply to all of those who have made these great moments happen.


Frank Muldowney

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Harvey making headlines

Channel 10 News - Peace Mission

It was on the 12th of April when a film crew from Channel 10 appeared to find out why is this Irishman, walking across Australia, with his invisible friend Harvey sitting in the wheelchair.

Mark Howard interviewed Frank and Mick, on the side of the road, on the way to Ballarat. They all enjoyed the conversations and the footage that took 30 mins work to make. Frank has his own film equipment and demo documentary that he put together before Christmas was then given to Mark.

Mark's Q and A

Frank and Mick then went on to a pub later at 5.30pm to see did it appear in the Channel 10 News. They were both delighted to see Mark's work and it was an enjoyable moment when scenes of the walk brought back sweet memories on the Nullarbor, with Mick's song being heard.

Thank you to the crew of Channel 10.


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