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May 2006

Day 54 - Norseman

Taking on the Nullarbor

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I have taken on board a lot of advice from so many people here in Western Australia. Some is positive that the vehicle and 4 persons will be ok for 2 months on the Nullarbor but others say, we are not prepared, and the project may fail. It is about 1,600km from Norseman to Port Augusta with only Ceduna a real town. This will be the most physically demanding part of the journey for me.

As I am funding this project and it is my responsibility to make it as safe and professional as possible, I have decided, myself and Mick will go alone together, which will cut down the problems of carring water for 4 people, and of course, there is only one medical place in Eucla about 700km away from the next town. It seems clear to me that this is the best solution.

Amanda will take care of Kia in Nick and Deb's house in Serpintine, and I hope this is the best solution I can think of. A problem occured that Mick and Amanda wish to rejoin in Ceduna as soon as possible, which puts more un-necessary planning in the middle of the Nullarbor. Mick and Amanda are not prepared to be seperate for 2 months, which that I can understand but they dont see the pressure that puts on me, and in away I am no longer in charge of my own project. I now will not be able to take full rests on the Nullarbor, and I will have to walk over 30km daily.

Because Mick and Amanda are a close family has come to a problem. Of course family love comes first to the family and a child involved, but that is why it is not suitable to have a family as a back up team, as any family will come first before a project. Its a difficult position for me, as I would prefer to have a paid driver so I can decide when I walk or not walk, but this has come out to be a problem on the journey, and I know in my heart the journey will change to a more professional look in the future.

It is the first risk, and I hope I can get past this stage with no problems.

Frank Muldowney

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