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April 2006

Day 10 - 36


sunny 23 °C

The walk is well into the bush, and deep in the walk.

The number of positive people who we have met is inspiring and has given me a lot more energy than what I started from. These people are from all types of society and I feel comfortable with all of them, accepting their own views and opinions. I am learning from them day by day. If I wish to create peace between people of opposite opinions, then this is my real challenge.

As far the walk, well it is a little different what I am used to. The 13 long distant walks that I did with professional organisers, this is of course very different. Mick and Amanda have a very different way of living that sometimes I thing will bring issues ahead, but for now I accept their ways of living as 'free spirits' and maybe from here on from Albany to even Port Augusta, there will be virtually no publicity. If it works out safely it maybe be a very enjoyable holiday that some could dream for, living on the Nullarbor for 2 months. My role is to be focused on the walk, and my health, and I try to avoid any family issues which may occur.

The safety part of the Nullarbor is still not clear. No one has concrete information about the 1600km journey. It will be my responsibility if anything goes wrong and I am fully aware of it. I miss Jim Blewitt, Bert Slader and Lorna Mitchell, whose years of experiences would be much needed on this walk, but one can only use what one can, and on this stretch it will be more on intuition, common sense and instinct.

We reach Esperance soon, and I will have to make a decision wether to continue the walk with Kia (2) or not, as I am not convinced that this is safe for a child being away from other children and medical help in case of bites or injuries. On paper it looks a safer idea to leave Kia behind with Amanda to tke care of her with the lovely family of Nick and Deb. I never wanted this type of pressure on me but its part of the challenge, and sometimes these small extra weight on my shoulders does not help. The best decision is a grey one.

I feel strong, but I am aware that I am into a new territory, as I never walked as much as this before. I feel fitter than before, and I have knocked off walks of 35km back to back, but I am awaiting a message from my body to say need a sleep. I dont seem to get that message, so I hope my mind will be clear to make the right time to rest. I had a physio as a driver in January to be on the journey from Norseman to Port Augusta, who I wanted to start with in Perth. Looking back it may have been a mistake but I could not bring her as Mick and Amanda have no home, so I cannot leave them behind in Norseman. So much to consider.

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