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February 2006

Harvey reaches Bunbury Day 1 - 9

189km completed 5,815km still to go.

overcast 25 °C

Day 9

Mike checking out the first vehicle, with owner Frank Atkins

The Walk for Peace started on April the 2nd 2006. Harvey was set off by the Trenwith family Mike, Niamh, Liam and Ciara, my cousins living in Perth. They were the Head Quarters for over a month helping me in getting the bus ready and finding the missing driver and team members. On short notices I asked Mick Amanda with Kia to join who lost their home due to the cyclone that destroyed Innisfail in Queensland. It was not ideal to bring a family on a project like this but sometimes one does what one can, and hope their future will start from this journey also.
the first team.JPEG

The beginning 2nd April, as Harvey leaves the Bell Tower. I knew the first step was the most important one, and my life will never be the same after this. This part of the journey will be all learning, radio conversation, media, and listening to other peoples opinions.
The Start.JPEG

A few days later we were allowed to speak to school children about living your dream. Mick McHugh and I spoke to the children of mixed ages, about what they dream for in the future. We aimed to take each dream in a genuine way to inspire each individual that your dream as important as anyone elses.
us preforming.JPEG

Early starts on the road, usually 5.30 am to beat the start of the heat. The mornings are very fresh and a stunning sunrises. 16 years of charity walking keeps my focused in dates and schudules, which may cause problems having a family on board, so I know I have to be flexible but firm at the same time.
early starts.JPEG

Mick and Amanda met Dep and Nick, on day 2, a complete surprise as they are the people who I look up to, who live in a humble life, who make no enemies and respect everyone and everything. The pilgrim Nick, who has walked with me for over 40k, to share positive thinking with a lot of humour. Nick has already given me so much wisdom and advice of the problems ahead, and I took everything on board. Thank you Nick for your presence on this walk. Deb your advice will carry me all the way to Byron Bay, as we both share the same view, to love everyone, not just some.
distant shot.JPEG
nicks dream.JPEG

So far we have been very supported by local people, the police and passers by. We have been helped by 4 families and it was a privilige to be welcomed in their homes.

On day 5 myself Mick and Amanda spoke to about over a hundred children at a school in Waroona where the teachers allowed us to ask the young people what their dreams were. It was a very inspiring day, and after a long walk till the evening, an hour chat slot with a local radio station, Harvey Community Radio 96.5fm. Mick performed songs and we both sharing personal past, which was so full of depth and importance. The interview was over an hour. It was a busy day, walking over 20km plus speaking to the school and a one hour interview. Good practice in the future.

Here are the families Trenwiths (Perth), Halls (Serpentine), Stanfords (Waroona), Marshalls (Harvey), and Farrell (Bunbury) who have made the foundations of this journey. I thank you all for your support and a sincere thank you for allowing us to stay in your own home.

The journey continues, and Harvey is getting known day by day.

Frank Muldowney


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