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December 2004

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I have just returned from an extraordinary journey, the walk to Macchu Piccu, Peru. As soon I returned to Ireland, I knew I cannot forget the vision of spreading peace through a creative cartoon figure, and I immediately started thinking of making it happen again.

I tapped into the importance of individuals imaginations, and Shiera O' Brien and James Sweetman were the two people who put my own thoughts into perspective, and from that I found away to make it into reality.

Shiera gave me an hour 'interview' if you like, where she wanted me to express my own ambitions and imaginations. I told her from a very young age I wanted to make a difference in the world, making the world a more peaceful and happy place. The thoughts are nice, but she tapped into something when I told her my thoughts of introducing the invisible friend 'Harvey' as curiousity is the key to make something lasting, rather a flash in the pan.

Tom and Shiera

Shiera asked me to visualise the map of the country I want to walk across, it was Australia, and then she asked me to walk it, and feel and think of all the challenges on this journey. I did and physically and mentally I was being tested step by step, the journey was feeling quite real. At the end, I then reached the other coast of this imaginative map, and then Shiera asked me to look back and see the journey that you just experienced. In a moment I then knew how big this test really is, but more importantly, I knew I can do it.

That hour made my imaginative journey as real as my own life, and we continued to talk about the fears of my own where it can go wrong. This was not as important as the visualised walk, as my fears are in myself. I was always afraid of people abusing something good, those who will make money out of something pure. I would rather be broke that become wealthy to tarnish this pure thought. Sponsorship and funding will come along I am sure, but there is nothing that I trust right now, so I would prefer to start as a beginner and create my own T shirts and logos in the future.

I have no idea how far this concept will go, but when it starts I think Ill be doing this for the rest of my life, and it is a wonderful feeling.


If you have any personal dream or idea that you genuinely wish to come true, or if you can influence or help in anyway to make another person's dream happen, then please comment to this page or email to me at dreamidea06@yahoo.ie
Please see below for some dreams that have been sent into the Harvey Dream Team, they are from the heart and so inspirational. Please pass this website onto other people so that they may put their dreams into reality.
Thank you so much everyone.

DREAM - To have more children and see my grandchildren. To make an album with songs that touches people's hearts and creates memories for them in those special times in their lives.
NAME / COUNTRY - Michael McHugh / Ireland
PROMISE - To keep writing authentic songs, to keep practicing my singing, to keep being positive and happy and keep working hard on my dreams.
DREAM - To finish my nursing degree and return to Africa and give as much as I can.
NAME / COUNTRY - Sinead Nolan / Ireland
DREAM - To find my father Robert James Millar (Bobby Millar) Born 11th August 1935, Christchurch, New Zealand. Missing since 1965
NAME / COUNTRY - Tracy Millar / Australia
DREAM - To see a peaceful world
NAME / COUNTRY - Frank Muldowney / Ireland
PROMISE - To live better, and to live peacefully
IDEA - To request a law, country to country, that for each million $ that any person makes, must sponsor a child for food, shelter & education. If one person reaches 10 million, then 10 children, and so on. It there are trillions of excess or wealth, this will save millions of lives, and the billionaires of the world have the huge honour and responsibility to inspire and improve the world
DREAM - To help my 3 year old son, who struggles to communicate every day
NAME / COUNTRY - Adrienne Gallahue / Ireland
DREAM - For the world to dream whilst awake
NAME /COUNTRY - James Sweetman / Ireland
PROMISE / IDEA - To live my best life and to inspire myself and others every day, by celebrating the abundant love in my life and sharing my gifts with the world
DREAM - To see a positive future for my children
NAME / COUNTRY - Mark Donovan / South Africa
PROMISE - To treat people equally.
DREAM - To help make the world a better place, by empowering people and helping them discover happiness, peace and love. Be the best I can be and helping others to be the best they can be
NAME / COUNTRY - Amanda McHugh / Australia
PROMISE - To finish writing my books that will help others cope with life. To get our music into the world to lighten hearts and help spread love, peace & harmony. To help other people's dreams come true. To raise my children to be wonderful, open, wise spirits
DREAM - Where I can be judged by my character
NAME / COUNTRY - George Bouha / Zambia - England
IDEA - Take prisioners/unemployed peoples strengths by given them employment in undelopment countries, with a role in society to build shelters, schools, water pipes
DREAM - Dont know yet
NAME / COUNTRY - Alex Sutton aged 11 / Australia
IDEA - Have a channel for all the adds only, so I can see real programmes only

[/list]DREAM - To help others in my own community
NAME / COUNTRY - Sharon Scanlon aged 14 / Australia
IDEA - An idea to give things I dont need to others, like blankets, socks, anything that can be useful

Email dreamidea06@yahoo.ie
Thank you very much

Supporters BIH

Michael Muldowney - Ireland
Elizabeth Muldowney - Ireland
James Sweetman - Ireland
Shiera O'Brien - Ireland
Susan Lynch - Ireland
Daniel Chandler - Ireland
Kelly Harrington - England
Marty Hoy - Australia
Thessa Moolenaar - Netherlands
Mike Goldsmith - England
Eugene Peelo - Ireland
Clare Peelo - Ireland
Helen Cox - England
Martin Chapman - Ireland
Nadja Thummler - Germany
Adrienne Gallahue - Ireland
Rose Casey - England
Joe Kenny - Ireland
Natasha Tighe - Australia
Jerome Roye - England
Andrew Whisker - Australia
Richard W-Johnson - England
Becky Paskin - England
Michelle Mok - Malayasia
Safia Al Rawi - Ireland
Jill Shute - Scotland
Ksenia Lungwaard - Norway
Mike Swiryn - United States
Garrett Dempsey - Ireland
Kemley Sellars - England
Anja de Jong - Netherlands
Chelcie Andreychuk - Canada
Sharon de Vries - Netherlands
Paco Torro - Spain
Fachtna Clandillion - Ireland
Marie Teirney - Ireland
Laura Rossney - Ireland
Cody Moore - Ireland
Niamh Dowling - Ireland
Elizabeth O'Shea - Ireland
Keith Bannon - Ireland
Benoit van Holme - Belgium
Justin Luria - United States
Marijke Schuurkes - n/a
Denise Cremins - n/a
Benny Gaffney - n/a
Aisling Hoey - Ireland
Pauline O'Shea - Ireland
Lorraine Leogue - n/a
Damien Ryan - Ireland
Brian Butler - n/a
Elinor Porat - Australia
John McKiernan - England
Rasima - Bosnia
Liam Dunne - Ireland
Shane Dalton - n/a
Theo Dunne - Ireland
Katherine DJ Papillion - Ireland
Lorna Mitchell - Ireland
Mark Duggan - Australia
Pauline Zardo - Australia
Sharmen & Michael - Australia

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that's a great idea! it is very stimulating to read other people dreams and know that we can think globaly as well.
thanks for that. marzena

by marzena

I love your blog, I wish you well on your journey.

by solomon

Dear Frank, Harvey and your helpers and friends. It has been an absolute pleasure to meet you all with such big hearts, talents and the honest dream to make this a better world. It is my dream to continue helping others, to inspire them so that they can be free and happy and enjoy their lives and inspire others as well. With joined forces we can change the world to become a beautiful place with peaceful living beings who smile again and love one another. I have opened my heart and I am ready to walk straight ahead. Namaste Jacky Agosti

by Namaste7

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