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'Believing in Harvey' after the walk

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It has been a very long time since this 'vision' I had of walking across Australia with Harvey. It was 5 years ago in Melbourne where I got the first idea, and then I was too timid to tell anyone. The charity walks I did from 1989 to today, was only half of what I wanted to try. How could I explain this to people, when after all, I am blessed to have a comfortable job and life and I was lucky to be alive after I recovered from a brain haemorrhage at 19 years ago.

Still, following my heart and my imagination, never left me alone. I had to do it and I had to learn so much more, my speech must improve, my comprehension and I have to learn and maybe then I can explain what this walk is all about. Looking back it was an amazing achievement to even start this journey, and it was passionate friends and cousins in Perth set me off on the way. The support of those from Innisfail, Dublin, Serpentine, Perth and Bunbury was a platform that gave me self belief and confidence.

The early radio interviews and conversations with journalists was excellent experience for me, knowing I must improve step by step. Each interview was different and I was happy to talk about any subject to see how I feel. I know that I was not passing any important messages, I was vague and still quiet about my own intentions in the future.

Compare my early interviews in WA and SA to Canberra and NSW, it is a little like listening to a different person. I know I am now speaking for myself, maybe for the first time in my life, and it is a good feeling. It took me time to understand the importance of speaking from my soul and not speaking for others. I feel now, speaking freely so if I say anything wrong, it is my error, no one else. The last interview was in Ballina on Paradise FM, and that was the one I enjoyed the most, speaking about what I dream for today and in the future.

Finally getting some interest in Ireland :-)

I am now finally going home to Ireland, bringing Harvey with me, and Jacky the inspirational women I met and love on the way. Nothing is clear at the moment as I am now on a different path, where I have a lot to learn again. I aim to do what I can in Ireland and some day, return to Australia again to promote the Pilgrimage for Peace that I had walked.

The list of people who helped my on the way is as long as the walk itself, and for the moment, I can only thank you deeply for the advice and help you gave me. I truly hope the have the opportunity to write, call and meet all of these people in the future.

Frank Muldowney

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Hi Frank,

you have my support for World Peace by 2015.

I and my imagination are on your side to help you.

There is enough love and peace for everyone.
Kader xx

by Kader

wonderful, beautiful, incredible .. thanks frank n harvey .. keep going :)

by bgolden

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