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Dolphins showing us how to live peacefully, with a smile.

Day 525

semi-overcast 18 °C

Zippy telling Nathan a joke!

The crew at work - On the road, Harvey enjoying new walkers, Kim, Kate, Nathan of course, and Bindi the dog who wanted to walk longer than I did!

It was an honour for Nathan and I to have an intimate experience with the Dolphin's world at the Pet Porpoise Pool in Coff's Harbour.

The trio showing off - This is Calamity, my first Dolphin kiss (sorry Jacky!)

Kim is the show organiser, who showed us the way in this tranquil place. We both learned a lot about the horrific damages caused by pollution, and Dolphins particularly are curious creatures who can be harmed by anything from cans to plastic bottles. We hope to create awareness about this on the last 20 days of this walk.

Bella, the 2 year old star.

The message from this walk is 'Peace' and the Dolphins to me are a great example to all of us how to live, peacefully with a smile. The Dolphin world has no borders, live off the natural gifts which we have, and give love and humour to others. Perhaps we the humans have a lot to learn from these beautiful, intelligent mammals, and maybe that is why we are so fascinated about them.

Bella - Just after feeding time, one decided to go for a record of twists and turns of glee, its a dolphin thing!

We are hoping to have another interview with NBN TV at the Pet Porpoise Pool, and see if we can express the same peacefullness between us and the Dolphins. Nathan and I and many believe we will have world peace by 2015, I wonder what the Dolphins think, as they do not seem to look negative about the future unlike so many humans who do. Perhaps it's true that Dolphins are more intelligent than us, they are certainly happy. This brings me back to my own belief in a quote, that 'happiness is the way to peace'.

A poem from Jacky Agosti, of the scars that we and Dolphins have to live with -


"I believe our scars are an important part of life,
I like to cherish scars,
sad moments, happy moments,
big bums, small bums,
the rain, the sun,
the tears, the joy,
the celeries, the chocolates...
No more stories of the past but actions in the present,
and plans for the future.
Lets protect nature and everything that has come from it."

Thank you Kim and all the staff of the PPP. We loved every moment of it.

For more information about the 'wonderful' Pet Porpoise Pool check out this web site

Frank Muldowney

PS. Jacky she started the kissing!

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Hi Nathan and Frank and Harvey, you're just over the sea from here. You know, the godwits are making their non-stop flights from Alaska to New Zealand right now. Some have already arrived.

There's some great peaceful stuff happening here in Golden Bay. Compassionate Communication groups, an Eco Village, 70% of us voting in local government elections...

Thinking of you, walking and talking, Hazel

by Hazel Pear

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