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The final day, 29th September 2007

Day 520 - 5525km

sunny 24 °C

The evening at Flynn's Beach where we saw the stunning eclipsed moon. It was orange! So it was Harvey's night to tell us when the walk will end.

After much consideration and planning, the final day of 'Believing in Harvey' is set on the 29th of September 2007, at the Lighthouse in Byron Bay. it will be a beginning rather than an ending.

I remember a meeting with Shiera O'Brien, my friend and coach in 2005, where I walked across an invisible map of Australia on the floor, so I can visualise the journey and its challenges and then the final day. It was a very important moment for me as I had an inner smile as I never doubted my determination to start this walk, but more importantly how it ends.

Johnathon Ng (photographer) taking a risk on the main road for a good shot

It has been a bigger task than I thought. I did not know I had to improve myself in diplomacy, understanding and generosity, I think I learned a lot from this. I made a decision early to make friends with each person regardless of the differences of my own opinions or thoughts and find out is it possible to make friends with everyone? Im sure thats probably impossible, but I have not made any enemies, so I have learned one part that I am very proud of.

The wisdom of so many people on this journey is overwhelming. From my cousins in Perth, all the way to the families on the east coast I have recently met. I am privileged to meet so many, who have given me shelter, water, food and wisdom in abundance. All I could do was to respect them and their views and thoughts, and treat their homes as a temple. That was always a priviledge to do. Thank you for all those who made such a difference in this long journey.

The 29th will be a special day for me and I hope it will open the imagination of others to follow their own dreams, by living it. Each dream is different, and in my experiences it is no picnic believe me, but the more effort you put in, the more you are rewarded. It took courage for me to follow my heart and earn the right to deserve it, and it is only now that I feel I have.

There are too many names to thank, who changed this dream into a reality, but you all know who you are. I know some will be there in Byron Bay, and it will be a joy to meet these friends again. Some of the most important people of my life will not be there on the 29th, but they will be in my heart. For those no longer with us are their too, in Harvey.


Frank Muldowney

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Frank, and the whole Harvey team,

I'm so proud of you. It is an amazing achievement, both in terms of physical effort and perhaps even more importantly the countless people who's lives you have touched and inspired.
For some time now when I'm speaking to audiences about inpsiration and motivation I tell them about your adventure and how it has inspired me. The lead article in my newsletter is about Believing in Harvey and how miracles happen when you step into your dream.

Love and blessings for the final stage of this adventure. Savour every minute of it.


PS - I shared this quote with you some time ago - it is timely to review it again.
"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has."

by sweetman

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