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UPF & Church of Scientology v's Harvey

The advantages of having brain damage.

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Well into the journey across Australia, something new has comes across my path.

Believing in Harvey has a certain purity about it, with complete goodness in it's intentions. I made a decision to make no profit on this journey, this is why I gave away most of my possessions on the journey, as the message was the point, some never understood this. That purity however came to be contagious and popular, and as Harvey became 'wanted' so did the UPF (Universal Peace Federation) and The Church of Scientology (CoS I will call it).

I was invited to meet both organisations, and looking back I made a mistake by dragging Mick and his family into the situation. Before I even met the 2 organisations, I did a little bit of research on Wikipedia on the internet, and more importantly, why do they wish to meet me?

It didn't take long for me to find out, that it was nothing to do with creating World Peace, or promoting what I was doing, but instead both organisations were trying in the nicest and intellectual way as possible to buy my popularity and has me as a member of their organisations.

If anyone knows a little about salesman approaches, charisma, and neuro-linguistic programming, then you will know a little how you can change peoples minds to do things that you do not really wish to do. The CoS seem to be masters at this, giving free IQ tests, but then point out your weaknesses and how their organisation can make you a better person. The young lady made a fatal mistake when she was present when I agreed to have a IQ test while in Adelaide a few months back. She had a well planed text book approach to convince anyone that their brilliant ways of improving yourself through their courses, books and DVD's. I completed the test, watched the video and listend to everything what she said.

At the end of her 'speech' with all the ways she can make me a confident and more intellectual person in the future, I just smiled and said, "Actually, I am very happy with the way I am". She was a little surprises and she started to say the 'but' word on each sentence, which to me means, that my words are not as important as hers. Now I was smiling inside as bit by bit, her well trained technique was beginning to fall apart, and I couldn't stop smiling. I eventually saved time on both of us by saying. "As I said, I am very happy with the way I am, and the proof is, I am the one who is smiling."

It actually took me quite a time to figure out how I handled the situations so well. I had to make a speech in front of 30 people at the CoS in Melbourne and later on with the UPF who I never heard of, who came out to be the Moonies. So how come my thoughts and beliefs were never changed by these highly intellectual gentlemen and women. I thing part of it is, when you have brain damage, and my own comprehension works in a very different ways, I guess they found it very hard to persuade my own thinking, as effectively I do not understand all the words in each sentence. So methods like, changing the unconcious mind, or even hypnosis doesn't work because I have created my own unique way of communicating. I never thought that brain damage and comprehension problems came out to be my own defensive mechanism, and thus Harvey strolled on with the pure message still intact.

I did have to make plans after Melbourne as the CoS had kept note of the people involved, so I was a good time to protect Mick and his family as they could be a target in the future, as they are Australian citizens. My recent driver Nathan is from Melbourne and I asked his openly, that it maybe a problem in the future and I want him to be aware of the possible hassle from these organisations in the future. I was impressed when Nathan said, he was a free spirit and he would make his on decisions and at the time he wanted to continue on the journey, knowing how difficult it may become.

I had enormous respect and admiration to Nathan. I had met Nathan's mentor months ago, Dean Frenkle, who spoke so highly of this gifted guy and it seemed fate that we ended on the journey together.

Here is the current video, the UPF DVD, and make your own judgement, if this organisation is genuine with genuine intentions. It does not mention Mr Moon who is the person who runs it, and their logo is a similar copy of the United Nations, but they are not connected with the UN direct.


Posted by fmuldowney 22:06 Archived in Australia

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Dearest Frank, I have lost your direct email address so have had to post this instead...The UPF is NOT a friendly organisation about peace. They are part of 'The Moonies' religious cult. Please do not go with them anywhere!! Check out link below (on wikipedia.com) about them. They are known to be self serving, predudice, manipulative and dangerous. The US government has investigated them multiple times and there have been many controversies about them throughout the world (gun running etc!) and the so called 'peaceful' leader Rev.Moon is insane. Please I ask you to be careful, do not associate with them for your own safety and do not a trust a word out of their mouths. Love and protective thoughts!Tashxx (Melbourne) PS Walk baby walk!


by Tash70

PS: By the way the real UN doesn't have anything to do with the UFP organisation either. They are not part of the UN, the logo they use is a front and total misrepresentation to make themselves look more important /official than they are. I know as I used to work for the United Nations Association (an official NGO). These guys are highly organised, very well funded and have branches all over the world hence the convincing video and slick operation. One of their main objectives is to recruit young people...ie YOU! so please watch out, be safe, be happy and remember there are lots of genuine people still to meet along the road. Love tash xx

by Tash70

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