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Walk for World Peace by 2015

6,000km walk for peace, Perth to Byron Bay...and beyond


An Irishman who suffered a brain haemorrhage, has taken on a walk for world peace across Australia and beyond. He is pushing an orange wheelchair carrying 'Harvey' the imaginary figure for peace and he believes we will have world peace by 2015.

Why and how?

On the road.JPG
Walking through the Nullarbor

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King

I have been Frank Muldowney for 41 years...yes I am Irish. From a very young age I believed that each person is here for a reason and my own is to create a inspired way to peace, through one's thoughts and actions. I found my own path and solution 5 years ago in Melbourne, after 16 years of travelling, soul seeking and learning.

"Peace begins with a smile" Mother Theresa

I now have walked over 8 million steps for something I believe in, that peace is here, in our hearts. I can feel it, it's the dream that is in everyone's soul, and that is the only proof that I need to say that peace is inevitable. With that in mind, Harvey - The immortal Peacemaker has announced, we will have World Peace by 2015, and by saying it, and acting on it, the dream will become a reality. The question to me is, are we all prepared for world peace? I believe it is time to start thinking this way, as the visions of peace can only become a reality, when the human mind allows it to be so. It is up to us.

"Imagine is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited, imagination encircles the entire world" Albert Einstein

I created Harvey, an imaginary leader for peace and kindness, who you can only see by the presence of his orange wheelchair. Harvey is the peacemaker who can be a member of any race, religion or creed. Harvey is whatever you want him to be, as he is your own dream for peace. The wheelchair symbolises a world disabled by fear, racism and injustice, and this now comes to an end as everyone can participate to end fear and war by simple acts of kindness.

Harvey and me on the road

I suffered from a life threatening brain haemorrhage when I was 19, in 1985. It was a blessing in disguise as I seized a second chance of life to awaken a more enlightened set of life priorities. It took me 16 years of learning from charity walking (France, Spain, Peru, Ireland), working and listening to the wisdom of my family when I knew what was ahead of me. In 2002 I took my own health and life in my own hands, and set on a new journey to inspire as many people I can meet with my own philosophy of peace, that it is here. I have proof that ones imagination is more powerful than what we know now, as I have improved my health already by believing in my own thoughts that I will get better, and I have.

I now wish to walk millions of steps, and each one is a small gesture of persuasion. My journey has no ending, as I know each step of peace I make is part of a pilgrimage of peace, which will stamp out each inch of hate and war where there is no room for it anymore. The Walk for Peace started in April 2nd in Australia 2006 - and I believe that by 2015, it will be a Walk of Celebration.

The inspirational figures of my past - Dalai Lama, Mohandas Gandhi, Terry Fox, Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa.

I am privileged to be in this position to have a small role in ending the evils of this beautiful earth. It is an honour to push this wheelchair carrying an everlasting figure for peace, who will never die, as human imaginations will keep him alive for ever.


I aim to get supported by known entrepreneur's, who care about the future for the next generation. The idea to me is simple, to promote Harvey as a figure who stands for peace everywhere through the walk, the arts and the media. Then give the public an official date for 'Peace across the World' and aim at the year 2015. Now, we all have a goal to go for.

The media is the most powerful weapon in the world, influentual enough to change the feelings and thoughts of the people across the globe. If we can create a belief and a goal for peace now, perhaps, we the public can change what is being portrayed in the media, replacing the barrage of negativity into positivity. If we can do that, it is truly possible to change the trapped mind set to a new, creative direction, a desire for global peace - a wave that is impossible to stop.

Walks ahead
- Perth to Byron Bay 6,000KM 2006 to 2007 set to end in September.
- Dublin to Belfast - Celebrate Peace in Ireland 2007
- Belfast to Edinburgh to Cardiff to London - Celebrate United walk for Peace - Ireland and Britain
- Israel, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tibet, USA. Awaiting response from the UN.


The Start.JPEGP6111944.jpg
The start at the Bell Tower in Perth 2006, and 14 months later crossing the lake to Capital Hill, Canberra.

I live with a smile. I believe respect, humour, love, and peace within, are the roots of a perfect world, this is Harvey, cannot be seen, but one can feel it. This is why I feel free to walk anywhere, as I do not believe in fear and war. I feel privileged now, to meet and make friends with the architects and participants of war, as I know they will never create happiness in themselves and their own children. I wish to show a much more happier way.

This 'Walk for Peace' is a challenge of my own belief that peace is here, and I am prepared to discuss it with anyone, who thinks we will not have peace. I believe it's what everyone wants.

berti1.jpgAdelaide parade.JPEG
Prime Minister Bertie Ahern and I, reaching 3,300km in Adelaide.

I am distributing booklets of the Youth Human Rights International Organisation, to create awareness to the world leaders of the future. I hope the United Nations will promote what I am doing, and perhaps the governments of all nations should be doing the same through education. Some have abused their power by passing laws above the Declaration of Human Rights of 1948. Some nations still do not have a bill of rights. I know this is wrong and Human Rights will be here to stay for people of all nations in the near future.

"Injustice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere" - Martin Luther King

There is room for everyone to walk with the orange wheelchair, to share the meaning of Harvey and I am fully aware of how blessed I am to have the privilege of pushing Harvey to a more peaceful world.

"You must 'be' that change that you want to see in the World" - Mohandas Gandhi

Frank Muldowney
Email - fmuldowney@yahoo.com
Mobile - 0407435196
website - www.believinginharvey.com

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