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Harvey - Thinking of the final third of the journey.

6,000 km walk from Perth to Byron Bay 2006 - 2007

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Harvey, the catalyst to make friends.

It has been a very long journey, over a year now since I started the walk from Perth. It is a privilidge to push Harey, knowing how many peoples dreams are still alive, and I am living my own. A reminder how lucky I am to be here (or anywhere in fact). Mick and Amanda have made my dream possible from Perth to Melbourne, now their own dreams has started and it's their opportunity to follow their own journey, and watch their book and music to grow.

Since I reached Melbourne I have been overwhelmed by the support of so many people who either support the walk or joined in, by walking or by making calls, or passing the word around. These are the people who will make the real difference to make Harvey known, and others will talk about it. You know who you are, and you know what you did for me, and my own efforts on this walk I hope will give more in return in the future.

The day we walked through the main street of Melbourne, (Swanston Street), I then spoke to a person in Federational Square who genuinely didn't see anything inspiring in what I am doing, as it will not create peace, that it will not make any difference at a global sense. I just said 'perhaps you are right, in your life and your thoughts, but this walk has changed my life and others around me. This Walk for Peace is to create peace in one's heart, thats where it begins. The media only tells us what they know now, but never speak of the possibilities of peace in the future. I believe peace is inevitable so I like enjoying the feeling of peace now, and perhaps the dream for peace may happen even sooner by living it.'

The Start.JPEGThe day it all started, April 2nd 2006.

My rest in Melbourne has helped me to get ready again for the final third of the journey, and as there are more people now involved I hope this ripple of peace can expand one by one, and no one knows how far it can reach.

Living my own dream did wonders for myself, now I hope others can start following their own, as hard as it may be, it is worth it in the long term. I have met others who have already lived their dreams and those have that inner smile, which now I have in my heart.

My role now is to learn more about the media and public speaking, to find away to inspire even more people to follow their own journey, their own way to happiness and peace.

The journey continues.

Frank Muldowney 2nd May 2007 Day 394

Posted by fmuldowney 19:47 Archived in Australia

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Peace is such a narrow concept to many people, especially when G.W.Bush and Johnnie Howard feel the need to continue a war ... no matter what!
Unfortunately the word 'peace' has been hijacked to basically mean the cessation of hostilities (even this definition uses negative words to describe a positive event). Harmony, tranquility, self-assurance, love, and all the positives are very personal and may be overlooked when the word 'peace' is used to describe a goal or dream.
If one single person quietly extols peace, he might be seen by many to be insignificant in the larger noisy world, but if that one person has truly found his own peace then he has the most precious of all possessions. If he is able to help even one other person to find that same gift then he has accomplished something of real value.
We wish you all good luck ... good endurance .... and good health, and shall follow your journey with hope and love.

by dad_n_dave

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