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Who is Harvey ?

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"Harvey" is my imaginary character in the orange wheelchair. He is a person or spirit who is 'the' dream for peace. I created Harvey because I thought there must be a person who can identify to everyone, of any race, religion or creed. He has no date of birth, therefore no date of death. Harvey is male, femail, healthy, disabled, white, black, brown and asian. He is Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist and any other religion you know of. Harvey is the figure you can create for yourself, who you can feel comfortable with as he stands for peace, kindness and respect like most of us do. I believe everyone have the same dream for peace and equality. Perhaps we all need an imaginary leader to speak for all of us, rather than a living one. I now have my own imaginary leader for peace and now I am creating the peaceful imaginary world to match it, the one everyone dreams for"

"Harvey is the most important person in the world. Harvey is you and your own dream." Frank Muldowney

Bob and Bono, the Irish visionaries who see and believe the end of poverty.

My father, Tom, lived for the last 7 years of his life in a wheelchair suffering from Motor Neuron Disease. His life was hard, where mostly stress caused this horrific disease. But my Dad became a better person and a stronger one with that disease and lived with it complete dignity and grace. The wheelchair now is never empty to me, as my Dads spirit and dream if there under the name Harvey, who has his arms wide open to other pure thoughts and dreams which will never die.

The wheelchair is Harvey's, a symbol to remind us that the world is disabled by fear, racism and injustice. Harvey is just my name for my dream for peace, to keep myself inspired to follow my own dream. To me the entire world is in a wheelchair, no one is perfect. I have my own challenge and I must do something about it, to believe in myself to make a difference in my own way to create peace from one person to another. We all have a problem, a history, and we can overcome all these problems, and live a happier and content life, by believing in yourself and your own dreams.

"Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase" Martin Luther King

Mohandas Gandhi, Terry Fox, Martin L. King, Mother Theresa, Albert Einstein, courage, determination, love, wisdom, and all had a dream.

People in the past, like Mohandas Gandhi, Martin L. King, Mother Theresa, have inspired me and others to be a better person. These people have led to changes in our world which have dramatically inspired millions across the world. Their good work is recorded as part of history and no one could fill into the shoes of such a person. These people were human, and thus their lives have ended, but their dreams will never die as long they are remembered, and in the future a new person will carry on these dreams. Harvey's wheelchair carries these dreams, and I hope more living people will carry on more of these dreams again, that the world wide dream for peace will never die.

"Harvey is imaginary, so he can never die. In this way, he is an immortal symbol to live your dream for peace. By doing so, any thought of purity will grow, and will never deminish. In my heart I know this can the beginning of the end of wars and poverty through the power of our own thoughts our own imaginations our own dreams." - Frank Muldowney

Harvey.jpgdove before ceduna.jpg

"If I can live better and smile and say hello to every person I can meet, I can improve myself and those around me by simple acts of kindness. If we can persuade others to do the same, does that mean we can change our streets, our towns, our cities, our nations by spreading a ripple effect of kindness? I wont know unless I try"

Di, Bob, Man, Flg.jpg

To me there is an imbalance between good and bad being portayed in the media. I believe the vast majority of the world population are good hearted people who have a deep desire for peace and happiness. I hope this walk can create awareness about this imbalancein, to question that their is more good news than bad, and its immoral to report the reverse as it will affect the minds of our children. If you are a parent and an editor/producer, remember it's your own children will believe what you report, so are your potraying a true relection of life? Is what you portray more real than what Harvey stands for? Is their really more bad events than good? I think this walk can be a little spark by discussing this issue and perhaps change the level of negativity into positivity, if given a chance to be listened to. To me a fair balance of truth in the media is all is needed.

Frank Muldowney - December 2002

"Curiousity is one of the great secrets of happiness" Bryant H. McGill

Special thanks to -

Ann Kenny RIP
Elizabeth Muldowney
Tom Muldowney RIP
Michael Muldowney
Jim Blewitt RIP
Lorna Mitchell
Thessa Moolenaar
Eva Schatzle
Clare and Eugene Peelo
Shiera O Brien
James Sweetman
Michael McHugh
Amanda McHugh
Nick and Deb
Jacky Agosti
Dean and Linda
Nathan Sturdy

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